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The Best CPAP Cleaner | CPAP Cleaning Machine Reviews

If you’ve owned a CPAP machine longer than a day, you’ve probably wished for a quicker and easier way to clean your supplies and accessories. CPAP cleaning machines promise to do that for you with the simple push of a button, but do these sanitizing machines really work? Will they replace regularly cleaning by hand? And which is better, ozone or UV light? 

Today, we’ll answer some of your biggest questions about CPAP cleaners, and who really needs one. Then if you decide a CPAP cleaner is right for you, read on to explore the best CPAP cleaners available in 2022!

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Do I Need A CPAP Humidifier For The Best Rest?

Sleep apnea patients often wonder if they really need a CPAP humidifier or if it’s just an extra feature they’ll never use. Some people are perfectly fine without one and find CPAP therapy comfortable and effective as is. But a humidifier can provide a lot of relief for those with congestion or who experience some of the most common discomforts associated with CPAP use.

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The Best CPAP Accessories For Solving Discomfort

If you’re having a little trouble getting used to your CPAP, don’t give up! CPAP therapy is effective only when it’s consistent, and the more comfortable you can make the experience, the more likely you are to stick with it. Your sleep health is well worth a little dedication. There are easy ways to hack your CPAP comfort with the help of some handy accessories. 

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Who Needs a CPAP Pillow? (Plus the Best CPAP Pillow of 2022)

CPAP users, rejoice! If you are new to the CPAP pillow scene, get ready to have your world rocked.

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9 Gifts for Snorers (That They’ll Actually Want!)

When you give a loved one a gift to stop snoring, you’re also giving yourself the gift of a good night’s sleep. So by our math, that’s two gifts for the price of one! 

But you also want to make sure your anti-snoring device doesn’t put them in danger, and that’s a real possibility if the underlying cause of their snoozing symphony is sleep apnea. That’s why we’ve split this gift guide in two: Up first are snore stoppers your sweetheart will swoon for. In part two, we’ll cover gifts that CPAP users will actually use!

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Make CPAP Therapy More Comfortable In The Winter 

Old man winter is here and sure has been cold outside! Some CPAP machines are really missing summer right now. During the summer months, there is more humidity in the air, making CPAP therapy a little easier because the airway is more comfortable. However, during the fall and winter, the air dries out, leading to airway discomfort, congestions, and an increased risk for cold and flu symptoms. But this doesn’t mean you have to suffer with sleep apnea in the cold, there are ways to make your CPAP comfortable during the winter.

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How To Find The Best CPAP Supplies Online

Part of proper CPAP therapy involves replacing your CPAP supplies on a regular basis to keep your CPAP working like new. Your equipment wears out over time and can collect dust, allergens, and other irritants! Prevent air leaks and protect your health by easily replacing your CPAP supplies online. We’ve put together a list of your best options to help you save time and money.

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How To Prevent CPAP Mask Skin Irritation

CPAP therapy can certainly take a little getting used to. From the whirrs of your new CPAP machine to the tubing becoming your new bedtime partner and more, it takes a few days to adjust. But soon you’ll learn how to sleep peacefully, putting an end to sleep apnea, unless one of the CPAP side effects is skin irritation! Acne, pressure marks, sores, rashes, and more may make you want to quit therapy, but don’t give up. There are plenty of ways to prevent CPAP skin irritation.

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The Importance of Changing the Air Filter in your CPAP Machine

While it might seem logical to only replace components of your CPAP machine when they appear dirty or worn, there are many reasons to proactively care for and replace supplies on schedule. The air filter on your CPAP machine is responsible for respiratory health, so keeping the filter in top shape should be a priority for the well-being of anyone who deals with sleep apnea.

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