Living with Sleep Apnea

Can Sleep Apnea be Cured With Lifestyle Changes?

Can sleep apnea be cured with lifestyle changes? It’s a smart question, especially for those who prefer to avoid medical interventions by putting in the work at home. Patients who are feeling better after starting CPAP therapy begin to ask this question as well, hoping to reduce or phase out their CPAP treatments.

Increasingly, there is more public awareness of how engaging in lifestyle changes can prevent or reverse health conditions across the medical spectrum. These same lifestyle changes can have a nice economic benefit as well - lowered healthcare costs! So let’s dive in and discuss curing sleep apnea and the role of lifestyle changes.

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Do Sleep Apnea Exercises Help? (Plus 7 You Can Try Right Now)

Sleep apnea exercises are a hot topic for those who want to try non-invasive (and free!) lifestyle adjustments to reduce the severity of their breathing and sleep disorders. If you are serious about treating your loud snoring or obstructive sleep apnea more holistically, exercises can definitely help!

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Different Types of CPAP Masks: Which One is Best for You?

There are so many products on the market today and it can be confusing to sort through them all. This is especially true if you are newly diagnosed with sleep apnea, and this is your first foray into the world of CPAP therapy. Don’t worry, the right CPAP mask for you is out there, read on to find out how to find it.

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Too Hot to Sleep? See Why (Plus, 5 Tips to Cool Down in Hot Weather)

Feeling too hot to sleep? The summer months roar in with a scorching sun, and humidity can make you feel sticky and uncomfortable, wanting to forgo blankets entirely. You may want to burn your duvet, but this is not the way. Why is getting quality sleep so difficult when you feel hot?

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Alcohol's Effect on Sleep Apnea

As a new or curious obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) patient, you may be wondering if alcohol use is linked to your condition. A good night’s sleep may not seem as tempting as a wild night of heavy drinking, but hangovers are only the beginning in the world of an OSA patient!

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Who Needs a CPAP Pillow? (Plus the Best CPAP Pillow of 2022)

CPAP users, rejoice! If you are new to the CPAP pillow scene, get ready to have your world rocked.

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Apnea and Angst: Can Sleep Apnea Cause Anxiety?

 It can be tricky to untangle complicated anxiety disorders, but we can help you sort out the piece concerning OSA - or Obstructive Sleep Apnea. Let’s oust some unease with information!

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Traveling with CPAP (17 Top Tips For Taking Your Treatment on Your Trip)

Whether you’re flying, driving, or hiking, traveling with a CPAP takes a little extra preparation. You may even find yourself tempted to skip your CPAP therapy while on the road. But even one night without your CPAP machine can bring back exhausting sleep apnea symptoms– ruining your trip with daytime fatigue, headaches, and irritability.  

Luckily, we’ve put together answers to some of your most common questions and some helpful tips to turn traveling with a CPAP into smooth sailing.

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The Best CPAP Masks For Mouth Breathers (Plus, How to Stop Mouth Breathing)

The content in this blog was medically reviewed by Michelle Worley, R.N., a seasoned medical advisor who has worked as a clinician for over 20 years in the sleep-related medical field.

Mouth breather; a condition so bad it’s become an insult. Maybe that’s because mouth breathing can cause bad breath, brain fog, and chronic fatigue? Yet if you also suffer from sleep apnea, mouth breathing can be dangerous, leading to a loss of air pressure and reducing the effectiveness of your CPAP therapy. 

Luckily, for CPAP users the solution can be as simple as finding the right CPAP mask!

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