About Us

CPAP Supplies is powered by Aeroflow Healthcare. For years, patients and physicians have trusted Aeroflow Healthcare to provide CPAP equipment and supplies through insurance.

In order to lower healthcare costs and allow people to take control of their own CPAP therapy, CPAP Supplies was launched to provide the lowest allowable prices of the highest quality CPAP machines,masks, and supplies.

Whether you have a high deductible insurance plan, don’t have insurance, need additional equipment, or simply need to purchase CPAP supplies, CPAP Supplies is your resource for the best CPAP equipment and supplies at affordable prices.

Aeroflow Healthcare Mission:

At Aeroflow Healthcare, our mission is to provide you with innovative home healthcare solutions that allow you to spend more time in your home while lowering healthcare costs and improving your quality of life. We do this while settling for nothing less than exceptional customer service.

Aeroflow Clinical & Medical Directors:

Michelle Worley, Director of Clinical Operations 

Dr. Robert Yapundich, MD Board Certified in Sleep Medicine & Neurology

Do you have questions for Aeroflow's CPAP clinicians?

Read some frequently asked questions the clinicians have answered.