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How to Submit Your Prescription

A prescription is required for the purchase of all machines, complete mask systems, and humidifiers. Each item that requires a prescription is clearly marked on our website. A dated prescription from within the last year is required for PAP machines, and your prescription can be used multiple times within that year. Machines will be set to prescribed pressures as indicated by your prescription prior to shipment.

If you need help obtaining a prescription from your doctor, give us a call at 1-866-298-6482. We can request your information directly from your sleep doctor or PCP. We will be happy to work with your physician to get the prescription.


Please note: CPAPsupplies.com cannot accept prescriptions from customers who are also the doctor writing the prescription.

Prescriptions are required for CPAP Machines, BiPAP Machines, Humidifiers and Assembled Masks at cpapsupplies.com.  They can be filed in the following ways:
  1. Complete the short form below and upload your prescription directly to us.
  2. A prescription can be faxed to us at 877-881-1291.  
  3. You can also email your prescription to info@cpapsupplies.com. Please use "Prescription for cpapsupplies.com" as the subject line. 
  4. You can download our Prescription Order Form, have it filled out, and simply email or fax it in with your doctor's signature.
    CPAPsupplies.com RX Order Form
Once we receive this information we will process the order to be shipped.
Why We Need a Prescription

State Boards of Pharmacy and the FDA require all licensed distributors of CPAP devices to obtain prescriptions for humidifiers, all types of CPAP machines and complete CPAP mask systems, as they are considered Class II Medical Devices. These guidelines require a copy of the prescription be on file prior to shipping your order to any U.S. address (Please Note: You may order prior to submitting your prescription, and the order will not ship until we have a prescription on file).

Prescription Must Include:
  1. Patient's first and last name
  2. Physician's information, signature, date, and NPI number
  3. Prescribed pressure setting (Bi-PAP must include IPAP and EPAP pressures, APAP must include minimum and maximum pressure)
  4. A statement about the equipment needed, for example “CPAP”, “BiPAP”, “CPAP Mask”, “CPAP Humidifier” or “CPAP Supplies”
CPAP Items that do not require a copy of prescription:
  1. CPAP Masks without Headgear: Includes everything except Headgear Straps
  2. CPAP Mask Parts: Cushions, Headgear, Accessories
  3. CPAP Machine Parts: CPAP Hose/Tubing, Filters, Water Chambers, Parts, etc.
  4. Comfort Items: Tube Covers, Moisturizers, Comfort Pads, etc.