Earn 1 point for every $1 you spend, then get $5 off for every 100 points you've earned!

How to Enroll & Start Earning Reward Points

To enroll in the Loyalty Rewards Program, you simply need to have an account at CPAPsupplies.com! Once you have an account, you will begin earning 1 point for every $1 you spend.*

You can access and check your Reward Points balance in your account dashboard in the "Reward Points" section of the left-hand menu.

*Please note: you will not be able to accrue Loyalty Reward Points if you check out as Guest.

How to Redeem Your Loyalty Reward Points

Once you qualify for a discount tier, you will be able to click "Use Reward Points" at checkout to apply the discount to your purchase.*


*Please note: you do not have to use your Reward Points at any particular tier; you can select when to redeem your Reward Points.

See the breakdown of the points-to-dollar discount structure below:

100 points = $5 off

200 points = $10 off

300 points = $15 off

400 points = $20 off

500 points = $25 off

600 points = $30 off

700 points = $35 off

800 points = $40 off

900 points = $45 off

1000 points = $50 off

Etc. — there's no limit on the points you can earn!