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Buying CPAP Supplies from Online Sellers: What to Know

When shopping for your CPAP supplies online, seeing different sellers offering products at extremely low prices can be confusing (and tempting). You may wonder: how are they able to sell the products for less? Why do supplies cost more on authorized sellers' websites than they do from some sellers on Ebay, Amazon, and Facebook? What could the risks really be in buying a product that's priced much lower? In this blog, we’ll walk you through the answers to these questions. We'll also cover the best practices for buying CPAP products online in the safest way for you!

When shopping for your CPAP essentials online, seeing supplies on various online marketplaces at lower prices than authorized sellers can be confusing (and highly tempting). You may wonder: how are they selling the products for less? Why do supplies cost more on authorized sellers' websites than they do from some sellers on Ebay, Amazon, and Facebook? Could there really be risks in buying a product that's priced lower? In this blog, we’ll walk you through the answers to these questions (and provide some harsh realities of buying from non-authorized sellers). We'll also highlight the best ways to buy these supplies in the safest way for you!

"Why is it cheaper from that seller?"

Let's start with the vital question: why are supplies sometimes cheaper from sellers on Amazon, Ebay, or similar online marketplaces than they are on authorized sellers' websites?

• The first answer is: those may be used or previously opened products that have been returned, repackaged, and resold to you. There is no way to verify that a non-authorized seller is providing you with a brand new product. This can come with a huge risk for your health. No matter how much you may clean that product, there's no guarantee that previously-used supplies aren't holding the previous owners' bodily and environmental germs, illnesses, viruses, etc.

— This is also one reason why authorized online sellers typically adhere to an industry-standard return policy, in which opened CPAP supplies are not eligible for returns. It's important to keep in mind this is because CPAP products are medical equipment. and similar authorized CPAP product sellers follow vital guidelines to protect patients in regard to selling, packing, and shipping the products, which does come with a rigid, but very necessary, return policy. (It's all for your safety!)

— One way to think about it is: would you really want to put a nasal pillow in your nose after a stranger had it in theirs? The answer is probably not. Remember: if a seller allows you to return a used item, that means anyone else can return it too, so you could be getting someone's germs — with no way to know!


• The second answer is: in some cases, the products are off-brand and not the same as what an actual authorized seller carries. This means the products are not made by the original manufacturer of the machines, masks, and replacement products you already have. This can lead to very dangerous consequences if the products are not 100% compatible with your supplies. It could mean broken machines, cracked masks, missing pieces, ineffective sleep apnea treatment, and more. As you can imagine, this can end up costing you thousands of dollars in the long run. 

At first, it may seem like a great deal to save a few dollars buying from a (potentially unregulated) seller on a popular online marketplace like Amazon or Ebay. But, it’s important to look at your investment long-term to see if it’s worth the initial cost savings. The investment in this case is your health, safety, and effective sleep apnea treatment.

“Why the price difference for the same products?”

A number of factors go into answering this question.

1. It can’t be verified that the products non-authorized sellers are providing are actually the exact same product as what we (and similar retailers) carry. That's because we carry the authentic supplies, directly from the manufacuter.

2. In the case of a number of manufacturers and brands, when you're an authorized seller, you have to adhere to specific pricing policies, as outlined by said manufacturers and brands. These policies are in place to offer fair pricing to customers, for the same products, across all websites.

Keep in mind, unauthorized sellers/unregulated online marketplaces are not able to be held to the same manufacturer standards or regulations. So, even if it is the exact same product and it is indeed unused, that doesn't mean the next time you purchase from said seller it will be the same case.

The best rule of thumb is: when you find a deal that's too good to be true, it just may be! Paying a little extra for a lot more peace of mind is always a better route than taking a chance on risking your health.

What's an "authorized seller?"

In short, an authorized seller is a business that has applied and been granted permission by the brand/manufacturer to legally buy and sell the products. An authorized seller has to, and will, adhere to specific regulations when it comes to pricing and presenting the brands' products, as well.

While anyone can simply claim to be an authorized seller, the safest way to know if you're getting authentic brand-name products is to check with the brand/manufacturer itself (especially if you have any uncertainty of the legitimacy of the seller).

Unfortunately, not all manufacturers have convenient lists of authorized dealers of their products, but some do, which you can find on their website. is proud to carry authentic products directly from our listed manufacturers and brands!

Look out for: Non-Prescription CPAP Masks and Machines

It's important to note that the FDA classifies all PAP machines and fully assembled CPAP masks as Class II medical devices. This means that a CPAP machine or a fully assembled CPAP mask cannot legally be sold to a consumer without a prescription. 

Any time you see a listing for a machine or assembled mask on a platform like Amazon that does not require a prescription, you can’t assume it’s safe, even if it's listed as or claims to be new. You may see a no-prescription machine or mask being sold on these platforms, but it’s not because the platform has deemed it ‘safe.’ Each platform has different ways of policing their seller listings, and prohibited listings can sometimes slip through the cracks. 

If you do shop on an online marketplace like Amazon, eBay, or social media marketplaces keep a lookout for authorized resellers, these are companies that will require a prescription and will be most likely to follow FDA guidelines.

Look out for: Shockingly Low Price CPAP Products

CPAP supplies and parts, however, do not require a prescription and consumers have options when it comes to purchasing replacement parts for their equipment. 

Reliability is another issue. Original manufacturer parts undergo the same rigorous testing performed by the same technicians that designed, built, and tested top-rated CPAP machines. Each part and piece of equipment has been designed to work together when assembled as a fully functioning CPAP mask. 

If something goes wrong with your equipment and you need to take advantage of the manufacturer warranty, you may be surprised to find it doesn’t apply if you’ve used the equipment with generic parts. If any component were to cause damage or harm to a machine or mask, no recall or warranty would apply.

Remember, these are medical devices built expressly for the purpose of treating a dangerous condition.

Used CPAP Supplies

Unauthorized resellers don't have to adhere to any sort of regulations, meaning, they can advertise products as new, complete with manufacturer photos, when in reality they are used products that have been repackaged! This is also why oftentimes unauthorized sellers on Amazon, Ebay, and other marketplaces will accept returns.

Masks and parts that have been used in a breathing treatment are uniquely susceptible to capture contaminants that can infect the upper airway, including viruses and bacteria. At and other authorized retailers, we only accept unopened returns, as is required by our manufacturers and the FDA.

Long story short...

When in doubt, don't check out! The best way to ensure you experience healthy, safe, and effective sleep apnea treatment each night is to research the seller and the product. Keep yourself safe by taking the extra time to make sure the retailer from whom you're purchasing is indeed authorized to sell these products, and that they carry authentic products from that brand.