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What is the Sleep Doctor Looking for When Reading My Sleep Test?

After an in-home sleep study has been completed, and returned to us, it is then interpreted by the board-certified sleep physicians working with us. If the patient is not familiar with what the sleep doctor is looking for, they may feel slightly vulnerable. It can be unnerving to feel poorly and not know what is going on to cause it. In order to put nervous patients a little more at ease, here are the indicators our sleep doctors are looking for when reading the results of an in home sleep study.

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7 Most Common CPAP Machine Side Effects (and Ways to Avoid Them)

The content in this blog was medically reviewed by Michelle Worley, R.N., a seasoned medical advisor who has worked as a clinician for over 20 years in the sleep-related medical field.

CPAP therapy is considered the gold-standard in treatment for obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), because it’s safe, non-invasive, and– most importantly– effective. But as with any treatment options, it does come with the risks of side effects.

The side effects of CPAP use are generally mild, but they can be annoying enough to make some people give up on their sleep apnea treatment. Thankfully, these symptoms are also easy to treat, so before you give up on CPAP try out the solutions below.

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CPAP Dry Mouth: What Causes It and 5 Ways to Stop It Tonight

Do you ever wake up after sleeping with your CPAP machine to discover that your mouth is dry and your throat is so raw that you’re having trouble even swallowing? You know CPAP therapy is an important part of treating your sleep apnea, but your dry mouth has become so annoying you’re not sure whether you’re going to continue or not. If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone, and you’re not out of luck!

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Are CPAP Benefits Real? Real Users Share The Truth

Do you really need a CPAP? As the prevalence of sleep apnea in patients rise, many are wondering if they really need a CPAP machine to make a difference or not. As the most effective sleep apnea treatment method, they do make an incredible difference for your overall health and quality and life. However, one patient turned to Reddit to discover CPAP benefits for themselves by asking, “Has sleeping with a CPAP improved your quality of life?”.

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Can I Sleep With a CPAP in My RV?

Memorial Day is the unofficial start of summer. This summer, more people want to hit the road in an RV. It’s no surprise why. Overall, people love to camp to relax, escape the stress and reconnect with friends and family. Because more RVs today are lighter and smaller, more people are RVing for the first time!

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CPAP Myths Busted

Many of you have heard about sleep apnea and CPAP machines, whether it is from loved ones, friends or even news stories. One common thing you will find about CPAP therapy is that there are many different myths that have developed over the years. Some myths may be true and others do not have a leg to stand on.

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How To Find The Perfect BiPAP Mask

If you’ve been using a BiPAP to treat sleep apnea, you might be wondering why can’t find a mask made specifically for your BiPAP machine. Well, the answer is simple, all CPAP masks are technically BiPAP masks because they are designed to work with any CPAP or BiPAP machine. However, the two machines do have a few important differences.

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What Is Sleep Debt and How Much Do You Owe?

Are you dragging yourself through your day by chugging caffeinated beverage after caffeinated beverage or driving with the radio blaring to keep you from nodding off? Does your work day seem longer today than it did yesterday? Are you finding it harder and harder to make it through the work week?

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