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CPAP Sales: How to Score the Best Price on New CPAP Products

Looking for the best ways to save money on your next CPAP machine, BiPAP machine, CPAP mask, or other essential CPAP supplies? Look no further! We're breaking down the best ways, times, and places CPAP users like you can find top deals during the upcoming holiday seasons (and beyond)!

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Introducing the Amara Gel Full-Face Mask from Philips Respironics

There is some excitement around the release of the new Philips mask, and for great reasons!  Those CPAP machine users who prefer a full face mask will find this new release intriguing.  The Amara is being presented as a simpler, more effective full-face mask that is easier to use, clean, and assemble.  It is made with the goal of improving patient comfort and compliance with improved fit and fewer pieces for far less hassle.

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