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Are CPAP Benefits Real? Real Users Share The Truth

Do you really need a CPAP? As the prevalence of sleep apnea in patients rise, many are wondering if they really need a CPAP machine to make a difference or not. As the most effective sleep apnea treatment method, they do make an incredible difference for your overall health and quality and life. However, one patient turned to Reddit to discover CPAP benefits for themselves.

Do People Experience CPAP Benefits?

After Redditors were invited to share their experiences and what symptoms did/didn’t resolve with a CPAP. It quickly became clear that CPAP devices do provide substantial health benefits and one user shared how it changed their life.

“I no longer:

  • Fall asleep at work
  • Fall asleep in the middle of the day
  • Wake with my pillow and head soaked with sweat
  • Wake with crap all in my mouth

I now:

  • Don't eat crap and eat healthier
  • Lose weight easier
  • Have energy to do stuff
  • Don't feel exhausted after a short jog of 5m
  • Can play with my kids without feeling run down

The first night was amazing, nothing has compared, but I cannot go without now.”

These are all major improvements in their quality of life. Many people assume that their chronic fatigue is just a normal part of their daily routine, not realizing that they have much less energy than normal. If you frequently fall asleep at work or during the day while watching TV or reading a book consider getting tested for sleep apnea. You can get your energy and ability to focus back.

Sleep Apnea Symptoms Can Go Unnoticed...

Another Reddit user enjoyed their first week with CPAP, “I am on 1 week of CPAP can definitely say YES ... using a nasal mask.

CPAP benefits include banishing sleep apnea symptoms, such as snoring

At the beginning of last year noticed the brain fog and daytime sleepiness and going to the loo to pee more than once per night all which I had blamed on old age and the lack of sleep.

Dr prescribed me some sleep meds but it only made the daytime sleepiness worse. The wife then mentioned to me that besides snoring heavily I also stop breathing for a few seconds at night.”

Notice how their wife mentioned their snoring and even noticed that they stopped breathing during the night. This is important because a lot of those suffering from sleep apnea are unaware of their symptoms. Not everyone remembers waking up during the night. Therefore people may not realize how beneficial CPAP treatment can be until they try it for themselves.

CPAPs Can Relieve Mental And Physical Symptoms

A Redditor shared, "3 years in with CPAP and I’m finally a normal human again..."

"The main reason I’m posting this is because if I went through it, someone else definitely is going through it. I originally posted last year about how after 2 years of CPAP use I didn’t really feel any different. Well, I stuck with it because I’m a stubborn bastard and can say that for the last 5 months I’ve finally gotten back to being a “normal” 33-year-old male. I’m guessing I’ve had undiagnosed sleep apnea at least 7 years prior to CPAP usage and it’s taken this long to fully recover. My libido is like I’m 17 again. I’m energetic at the gym and packing on muscle like I’m 17 again Ambition for life is back and I’m currently in the process of buying my first home. Depression is 100% gone. Almost feels as if I was never depressed in my life.

To everyone that has sleep apnea and doesn’t feel a difference, if your being treated well just stick with it."

CPAPs Improve Health And Safety

One user had an eye-opening experience to share, “I commute over an hour and a half to work Monday through Friday. Much of it is spent sitting in traffic. Before CPAP therapy, I had trouble at times staying awake on my drive home. The wake-up call I received that made me want to get my sleep apnea treated is I actually dozed off for a few seconds while driving home one day. I was on a freeway on-ramp so I was only going 5 mph when I went into the back of a car. Thankfully no one was hurt. However, the situation could've been much worse where I could have killed either myself or another driver on the road if the situation happened while I was driving full speed. 

CPAP benefits include decreased traffic incidents

Since being put on CPAP therapy, I no longer get tired at work nor have I felt an ounce of tiredness while behind the wheel of a car. I can honestly say that CPAP therapy has saved my life and changed it for the better.”

How tired do you feel during traffic? Sleep apnea actually causes increased traffic accidents. In fact, drowsy driving is thought to be the cause of an estimated 328,000 driving accidents. Sleep apnea also leads to increased accidents at work, diabetes, hypertension, obesity heart disease, and more. It affects your entire health, not just your sleep.

A CPAP also helped another user get their life back, “I've been using it for almost 20 years now, and I cannot imagine being without it. Going from being mildly unhealthy, always tired, and snoring like a bear; to feeling good and sleeping well every night, it's an amazing difference.”

To Answer The Question, Yes There Are CPAP Benefits

Many people find that once they start using a CPAP machine, they instantly relieve sleep apnea symptoms that have been taking over their lives. You don’t have to feel tired all the time. You can regain the energy to exercise, spend time with your kids, and much more. Take back your life now!