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The Best CPAP Masks For Mouth Breathers (Plus, How to Stop Mouth Breathing)

Mouth breather; a condition so bad it’s become an insult. Maybe that’s because mouth breathing can cause bad breath, brain fog, and chronic fatigue? Yet if you also suffer from sleep apnea, mouth breathing can be dangerous, leading to a loss of air pressure and reducing the effectiveness of your CPAP therapy. 

Luckily, for CPAP users the solution can be as simple as finding the right CPAP mask!

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How To Make A Quieter CPAP Mask And Machine

Picture this. You’re all ready for bed in fresh pajamas and clean sheets fresh from the dryer. Your bedroom is the perfect temperature, not too cold or too hot with the perfect amount of darkness for sleep. But once you lay down to relax and close your eyes, all you can hear is one annoying sound that keeps you awake! What is the noise is from your CPAP? What do you do if the noises made while inhaling, exhaling, or the whirring of air is too loud? Well, you can take the steps to create a quiet CPAP mask and device. 

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How To Adjust To High Pressure CPAP Settings

As a patient treating sleep apnea you will find yourself under CPAP pressure. Pressure pushing down on you through your CPAP mask. Your unique pressure setting is dependent upon your apneas, which are the periods when you stop breathing during the night. Apneas vary among individuals based on sleep stages, positions, and more. In severe cases, you may be prescribed a high pressure CPAP setting. 

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How To Find The Best CPAP Supplies Online

Part of proper CPAP therapy involves replacing your CPAP supplies on a regular basis to keep your CPAP working like new. Your equipment wears out over time and can collect dust, allergens, and other irritants! Prevent air leaks and protect your health by easily replacing your CPAP supplies online. We’ve put together a list of your best options to help you save time and money.

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How To Prevent CPAP Mask Skin Irritation

CPAP therapy can certainly take a little getting used to. From the whirrs of your new CPAP machine to the tubing becoming your new bedtime partner and more, it takes a few days to adjust. But soon you’ll learn how to sleep peacefully, putting an end to sleep apnea, unless one of the CPAP side effects is skin irritation! Acne, pressure marks, sores, rashes, and more may make you want to quit therapy, but don’t give up. There are plenty of ways to prevent CPAP skin irritation.

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