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The Best CPAP Masks For Mouth Breathers & How to Stop Mouth Breathing

The content in this blog was medically reviewed by Michelle Worley, R.N., a seasoned medical advisor who has worked as a clinician for over 20 years in the sleep-related medical field.

Mouth breather; a condition so bad it’s become an insult. Maybe that’s because mouth breathing can cause bad breath, brain fog, and chronic fatigue? Yet if you also suffer from sleep apnea, mouth breathing can be dangerous, leading to a loss of air pressure and reducing the effectiveness of your CPAP therapy. 

Luckily, for CPAP users the solution can be as simple as finding the right CPAP mask!

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CPAP Dry Mouth: What Causes It and 5 Ways to Stop It Tonight

Do you ever wake up after sleeping with your CPAP machine to discover that your mouth is dry and your throat is so raw that you’re having trouble even swallowing? You know CPAP therapy is an important part of treating your sleep apnea, but your dry mouth has become so annoying you’re not sure whether you’re going to continue or not. If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone, and you’re not out of luck!

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Should I Use My CPAP Humidifier During The Summer?

Am I required to use my CPAP humidifier all year around? Should I stop during the warmer summer months and only use it during winter? Does it really help with my sleep therapy? How do I know when to use and not to use it? These are a few common questions asked by patients using a CPAP.

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