10 Gifts for Snorers (That They’ll Actually Want!)

When you give a loved one a gift to stop snoring, you’re also giving yourself the gift of a good night’s sleep. So by our math, that’s two gifts for the price of one! 

But you also want to make sure your anti-snoring device doesn’t put them in danger, and that’s a real possibility if the underlying cause of their snoozing symphony is sleep apnea. When snoring is caused by occasional nasal congestion, over-the-counter snoring aids can be a big help for everyone! But with Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA), that snoring sound is made when their throat muscles collapse into their airway, preventing them from getting enough airflow. In this case, snoring aids may just mask the deeper problem.  

That’s why we’ve split this gift guide in two: Up first are snore stoppers your sweetheart will swoon for. In part two, we’ll cover gifts that CPAP users will actually use!

Gifts For People That Snore

Sleep Noodle

The Sleep Noodle may look like your dad’s lame fanny pack, but it’s actually scientifically-proven positional therapy! Positional therapy works by training you to sleep on your side, keeping gravity from pulling against your airway muscles. 

Simply strap the breathable mesh belt around your body and the foam insert comfortably keeps you in the right position. No batteries, wires, or prescriptions required!

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Philips NightBalance

If you’re looking for positional therapy that’s a little more advanced, the Philips NightBalance is a great gift idea for the snoring techie in your life!

Like the Sleep Noodle, the palm-sized NightBalance attaches to your chest with a belt. When the device senses that you’ve changed sleeping positions, it gently vibrates to prompt you back onto your side. Yet the vibrations are subtle enough not to interrupt your sleep. 

Please note that the Philips NightBalance does require a prescription.

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White Noise Machine

Okay, this one isn’t exactly a snoring solution, and sure, it may benefit you more than your sleeping partner... but a soothing white noise machine can help everyone get a good night’s sleep!

Stocking Stuffers For People That Snore

Nasal Strips

If your partner’s snoring is due to nasal congestion, adhesive nasal strips are a drug-free way to help them breathe comfortably (and quietly). They use a mild spring-action to gently hold the nasal passages open.

Anti-Snoring Nose Vents

For those who don’t like the adhesive-feel of nasal strips, real relief can be found with nasal dilators. Like a nasal strip, they work by keeping your nasal passages from narrowing while you sleep. But unlike nasal strips, they insert just inside the nostril. 

Just make sure you look for vents made from softer medical-grade silicone and not cheaper hard plastic!

Gifts For CPAP Users

CPAP Pillow

Unlike snoring pillows, which are shaped to elevate the head, CPAP pillows are designed to keep you in a natural sleeping position! The unique shape of the pillow features cutouts to accommodate the sleeper’s CPAP mask and tubing, so you don’t have to worry about mask-shifting or getting tangled in your hose. 

Our pick: the CPAPmax 2.0 from Contour Health, because it allows you to switch between a traditional plush pillow material or a breathable 3D mesh memory foam, and adjusts between four different heights!

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SnuggleHose Tubing Wrap

Tubing wraps are warm, soft fabric covers that make sure your hard-plastic CPAP hose never touches the CPAP user’s skin… or their sleeping partner’s! Because nothing kills cuddling like a face full of CPAP tubing.

As an added bonus, SnuggleHose wraps also help to prevent condensation from your humidifier! 

These cozy wraps from SnuggleHose are hypoallergenic and feature easy-to-use velcro fasteners.

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CPAP Sanitizer

CPAP sanitizers are great for people who experience frequent colds or nasal congestion (or frankly, fail to keep up with the recommended cleaning schedule). A CPAP cleaner removes 99.99% of germs, bacteria, and other pathogens that can grow between cleanings. 

We recommend the Clean-Z by Motif because it’s an affordable way to get hospital-grade ozone sanitation in your own home. Plus, the Clean-Z powers itself, instead of relying on your CPAP machine to move the gas, so you don’t have to worry about ozone contacting the inside of your CPAP machine and voiding your warranty!

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Stocking Stuffers For CPAP Users

CPAP Mask Liners

If your gift recipient has never tried CPAP mask liners, they’re in for a treat! A mask liner sits between the CPAP cushion and the wearer’s face, wicking away sweat and body oils. This makes for a cleaner, cooler, and more comfortable fit– while helping to prevent redness and skin irritation.

Mask liners are available as reusable or disposable, and usually come in 1-month to 6-month supply! They’re often designed to work with specific masks or mask types so check out our wide selection to make sure to find a match.

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CPAP Wipes

If you use a CPAP yourself, you already know that cleaning your mask every day can be a chore. CPAP wipes make it quick and easy to remove dirt, sweat, dust, and body oil from your CPAP mask and other equipment. 

Motif’s solvent-free formula is made to be safe and gentle for both your skin and your CPAP supplies. And the 62-count package fits nicely into a stocking!

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When It's More Than Just Snoring

If you’re looking for snoring-related gifts, chances are pretty good that your loved one’s snoring is more than just occasional. If they suffer from frequent, loud snoring it may be a sign of a sleep disorder called Obstructive Sleep Apnea. OSA is believed to affect over 22 million Americans, with over 80% of moderate to severe cases going undiagnosed. 

If your partner isn’t already using CPAP, encouraging them to take a sleep test may be the best gift you can give them. Learn more about the signs of sleep apnea and how you can take a sleep study from the comfort of your own home.