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CPAP supplies are built tough to be utilized for effective sleep apnea therapy, but they don’t last forever. Over time the plastics and silicone in different types of CPAP masks, tubing, and more deteriorate and break down. They can crack and lead to air leaks, causing your sleep apnea treatment to be less effective. Plus, these items can collect germs, bacteria, and other harmful pathogens. That’s why it’s incredibly important to replace your CPAP equipment on a regular basis.

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Immediately Stop Colds And Flu With Your CPAP

As summer fades into the fall we get to enjoy cooler temperatures, football, and pumpkin spice everything. However, that can distract us from the fact that cold and flu season is lurking right around the corner! On top of that, fall allergy season hits at full force with pollen, mold, and ragweed. You might be left congested, coughing, and wondering if you should be using CPAP with a cold. The answer is yes.

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How To Choose Best CPAP Cleaner

Dirty CPAP supplies can make you sick. That’s because when left unclean, your CPAP mask, tubing, humidifier, and more can become a breeding ground for harmful pathogens, including viruses, germs, mold, bacteria, and more. However, CPAP cleaning can be a hassle. Washing everything by hand once a week and hanging them up to dry for hours takes up a lot of time. If only there was some type of CPAP cleaner to instantly wipe out harmful pathogens!

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