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The Importance of Changing the Air Filter in your CPAP Machine

While it might seem logical to only replace components of your CPAP machine when they appear dirty or worn, there are many reasons to proactively care for and replace supplies on schedule. The air filter on your CPAP machine is responsible for respiratory health, so keeping the filter in top shape should be a priority for the well-being of anyone who deals with sleep apnea.

Benefits of a clean air filter

The simple and consistent change of the CPAP air filter can have incredibly positive effects on the quality of sleep as well as the overall health of your lungs. Not only is a clean air filter positive for your health, it also improves and prolongs the quality of your machine. Protecting this investment will lead to additional years of efficient use of your CPAP machine, which can save you money in the long term through preventative measures: the better you take care of the tubing and filter system components, the longer use you will get from them.

Caring for your sleep apnea is crucial, and doing so properly will greatly benefit the quality of health and life. Leaving sleep apnea untreated can result in a risk of high blood pressure, heart attack, stroke, and even increase the risk of heart failure. Sleep apnea is a condition that requires long-term management, and with tools like the CPAP machine and affordable replacement supplies, this becomes an easier task to face.

When to clean your filter

While most components of the CPAP machine should be replaced every few months, the CPAP air filter must be cleaned or replaced monthly, depending on the type of filter in your machine. A CPAP filter can easily catch bacteria in the air. These bacteria can infiltrate your respiratory system if the filters are dirty. Most filters should be replaced every 4 weeks. Homes with smokers or pets should replace it more frequently.

How to replace the filter

Purchasing a CPAP filter is easy and affordable, and can be done on our online store that has a stock of filters to match your machine. Most filters are priced around five to ten dollar and will last about a month or longer with proper cleaning. There are many different types of filters, including ResMed ultra fine filters, Apex filters, and disposable filters for competitive prices and high quality.

To insert the filter upon replacing, simply locate the air intake region at the back of the machine. From there, you can remove the old filter and insert a new one. Most foam and paper filters will require the paper to be inserted first, then the foam portion. If a filter has a plastic mesh side, insert the mesh facing into the machine and the soft side facing out. If a tab is present, you can easily fold the tab to face out of the machine to ensure easy removal next month.

Types of CPAP filters

All CPAP machines use an air filter. Most are foam, while some offer finer filtration with the addition of a disposable paper material. There are also hypoallergenic styles for ResMed machines. Foam filters should be replaced monthly and cleaned with a gentle detergent often. Disposables should be discarded and replaced monthly. It should be noted that any issue with airflow might be related to the filter, as clogged filters can affect the amount of air traveling through the machine.

Care for your machine daily

CPAP filters should be cared for often, and cleaned ritually whenever they appear to become discolored. It is important to replace the filter monthly either way because the buildup of bacteria ultimately cannot be cleaned out enough to ensure a clean environment.

Since the machine is used on one of the most sensitive areas of your body with direct contact to your mouth and nose, it is very important to make sure the machine is in proper working order and is kept in sanitary condition. With continued use of the CPAP machine, you will begin to notice a regained mental focus, lower blood pressure, and an overall increase in health and happiness. Ensuring proper care of your machine will only add to these positive effects.