CPAP and Sleep Apnea Education Center

What Does a Brain Without Sleep Look Like?

Individuals with sleep apnea may experience symptoms that resemble insomnia, such as memory loss and difficulty concentrating. Having sleep apnea can even lead to insomnia. Since apnea and sleep deprivation demonstrate very similar symptoms, it's important to consult with your doctor to determine what is causing the problem. No matter the cause, you will want to find relief so you can get back to everyday life!

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Your First Week With CPAP

It is very overwhelming when you are introduced to your CPAP.  You have a test that you took either at home or in the lab where you feel like you did not sleep, you then are told you stop breathing at night and you need to wear this machine.  So, let’s break this down into smaller pieces so YOU start to feel comfortable with your machine.

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National Sleep Awareness Week is Here and It's Wonderful

Happy National Sleep Awareness Week! From March 8th-14th it’s time to celebrate sleep and all of its dreamy glory for all of the health benefits a good night’s rest can provide by spreading awareness. How do you spread awareness? That’s easy. Talk about sleep, tweet about it, tell your friends about it, heck even tell your twice removed cousin on your mother-in-law’s side about it! The possibility for sleep awareness activities are endless.

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