CPAP Side Effects

The Dangers of Purchasing a Used CPAP Machine

We get it, CPAP equipment expenses can add up, and it's tempting to try to save money by ordering products on Amazon, eBay, Facebook, and Craigslist. While it may seem like a harmless way to reduce some of the financial load associated with CPAP therapy, it may end up costing you more money in the end, not to mention there are serious health risks involved.

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Can CPAP Make You Sick? Why You Need to Avoid Dirty CPAP Supplies

The content in this blog was medically reviewed by Michelle Worley, R.N., a seasoned medical advisor who has worked as a clinician for over 20 years in the sleep-related medical field.

If you’re having difficulty breathing due to sleep apnea, the last thing you want to do is spend all night sucking germs and pathogens into your body! Yet if you use a dirty CPAP machine that’s exactly what you’re doing.

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Amy Poehler Needs You To Use Your CPAP For Better Sleep

While Amy Poehler is a famous actress, comedian, director, and much more, however, her sleep apnea is no laughing matter. As a CPAP user and enthusiast, she’s here to remind both men and women about the dangers of sleep apnea to promote health and wellness. Yes, we said both men and women, because this condition is usually only thought of as a condition for old men, but that’s not the case. Sleep apnea can affect everyone.

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