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Battery Powered CPAP Machines

Those of us who use a CPAP machine to treat obstructive sleep apnea may not be able to solely use the machine in the comfort of our own home each night. Many of us travel for fun, for work, or we just enjoy being out in the great outdoors. Luckily, there are several options to power a travel CPAP machine when AC power is not available.

DC power for CPAP

One interesting innovation in the world of CPAP power options is DC power, or direct current. This power comes from a battery, like the power charge you would get in a car or boat. All that is required is to obtain a DC power adapter that can be plugged into the power source in your vehicle, such as the cigarette lighter in your car. Long distance truck drivers use this device when on road trips where sleeping in the cab may be the only option, and not using the CPAP is not an option at all.

Batteries for CPAP

Some of us enjoy getting out into nature where power may not be available at all (and that’s how we like it). For those into spending the night under the stars with the CPAP machine in tow, there are battery packs available! Some CPAP battery packs can run the CPAP machine for up to 24 hours without a recharge. Something important to note is that high pressure, humidifiers and heated tubing can drain the battery a little faster. Using the CPAP machine conservatively by using less heat in the humidifier and bringing the standard tubing on the trip can prolong the battery life.

CPAP batteries, power option assistance

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