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When to Consider Heated CPAP Tubing

As it gets a little colder this time of year, you may notice that the air is becoming dry, which can become a nuisance to those using a CPAP machine to treat sleep apnea. Just as you have gotten used to the sound and feeling of sleeping with your machine running, now you notice a sore throat or dry nose. Have no fear — may have your remedy! We offer a range of heated CPAP tubing options to help make use of the machine a little easier as the weather changes.

CPAP rainout

When you use your CPAP humidifier frequently, you may come across an issue called “rainout.” This occurs when the water from the chamber in your machine’s humidifier is condensing in the tubing. This condensed water can puddle in the tubing and cause a gurgling sound. At some point, the tubing might even gather so much water that you are splashed in the face through your mask. If this happens in the winter, heated tubing comes in very handy. As you may imagine, it also serves its purpose when you are running the air conditioner due to the hotter weather.

Heated CPAP tubing & insulation

Heated CPAP tubing is made to prevent condensation from forming in the tubing. In most cases, this form of tubing is made to plug into an outlet and consists of copper wires that run the length of the tubing to keep the inside warm from the humidifier to the mask. When the temperature is higher in the tubing, the condensation is eliminated and has a far better chance of reaching your nose and throat with the humidity you need to increase your comfort, and your compliance!

Electric heat is not the only way to remove the condensation from forming in your CPAP tubing. Other ways to decrease the puddles in your tubing include burying the tubing in your covers with you to keep it warm, or by using a “tubing insulator.”

Whatever your choice to reduce condensation in your tubing, doing so is a great way to increase your comfort.  If you are comfortable and using your machine, you are benefitting in so many ways, especially knowing the consequences of just one night of abandoned therapy. Finding comfort is worth the effort to increase your compliance!