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Transcend 3 vs Transcend 365: Which Is the Better MiniCPAP?

If you’re shopping for a travel-friendly CPAP, you might think your only options are to cram your daily workhorse CPAP into your carry-on or pony up for a travel CPAP machine. But what if you could have both in one? Enter the Transcend miniCPAP!

Transcend is the original name in miniCPAPs, and they’re still at the top of the list because they manage to pack full-size CPAP features into lightweight, portable CPAP devices! Somnetics’ newest machines– the Transcend 3 and Transcend 365– are two of the most popular CPAPs on the market. But what’s the difference between them, and which is right for you?

Transcend CPAP Machine Features

Both the Transcend 3 and Transcend 365 come standard with a host of impressive features. And what they have in common with each other is what sets them apart from typical travel CPAPs. 

Both models:

  • Are approved for daily use– unlike most miniCPAP machines!
  • Include a Ramp feature and EZEX Pressure Relief setting to help you fall asleep more quickly and comfortably.
  • Connect with any CPAP mask or tubing that uses a standard 22mm connector.
  • Are FAA approved for in-flight use.
  • Include automatic altitude adjustment up to 8,000 ft, so you don’t have to mess with your pressure settings while flying.
  • Are available as an Auto CPAP with auto-adjusting pressure that delivers exactly the airflow you need.
  • Include a drying mode that helps prevent the buildup of mold and germs.
  • Come with an international cord kit for convenient travel. 

So why choose one versus the other?

The Transcend 365

The Transcend 365 gets its name from the fact that it’s approved for use 365 days of the year. Unlike most miniCPAPs or travel CPAPs, which aren’t designed for the rigors of daily use, the 365 can be used for your everyday CPAP therapy– even though it’s small enough to fit in the palm of your hand! 

This is hugely valuable for CPAP users who travel because it means you can keep using the CPAP device that you’re already comfortable with. And at only 1.7 pounds, it’s easy to toss the Transcend 365 into your travel bag or carry-on.

Another big travel benefit: Despite its small size, the 365 comes with a built-in heated humidifier. Why is that a big deal for travelers? Two reasons! First, the innovative “capillary force vaporizer” (CFV) design uses about half of the water of a traditional humidifier. This means you don’t have to worry about carrying loads of bottled water with you. 

Second, the CFV humidifier is a “Smart Humidifier'' that only delivers humidification when you inhale. This reduces power consumption enough that you can power your CPAP and humidifier from the same battery pack!

Other Highlights:

  • Whisper quiet at only 27.7 dBa (Seriously. An actual whisper is 30 dBa!)
  • Color LCD screen shows your sleep data at the push of a button
  • Weighs only 1.7 lbs!
  • Comes with a 2 year warranty

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The Transcend 3

If the 365 is the daily driver, you can think of the Transcend 3 as its rugged, outdoorsy cousin. This ultra-lightweight, ultra-compact miniCPAP was built to take a punch.

It features a flat, grippy, silicone base that keeps it safe and makes it stay put. There’s no screen to worry about, so it’s great for camping, and your sleep data can still be accessed from your computer. And the industry-leading 3 year warranty can be paired with an optional 5 year extended warranty that is unheard of among CPAP manufacturers.

Roughly the size of a soda can, the Transcend 3 weighs less than a pound, and features more power options than almost any other CPAP. It comes with a universal AC power supply, but it can also accept DC power– so it can be powered by a battery pack, solar panel, or even a cigarette-lighter DC adapter like your phone charger. (This also means you never have to give up your sleep apnea treatment during a power outage!)

Other Highlights:

  • Even quieter than the 365 at only 26.2 dBa
  • One of the lightest CPAPs ever at 0.94 lbs!
  • Swivel nozzle keeps your CPAP hose free at any angle
  • Industry-leading 3 year warranty

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Get the Best Price On a Transcend miniCPAP

Now that you know which miniCPAP is right for you, it’s time to find the best price! And with our 30 Day Low Price Guarantee, you’ll have enough left over to deck it out with all the right accessories. (Maybe a multi-night battery for your next adventure?)

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