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How A Smart CPAP Will Increase The Quality Of Your Rest

Technology has been moving so quickly we’ve made great advances in all areas of our lives. For example, we drive cars instead of riding in a horse drawn carriages and can effectively manage sleep apnea.

However, some people may think technology is moving a little too fast as smartphones and TVs keep rolling out in the fast lane. Do we really need all of this stuff? When it comes to sleep apnea, the answer is YES. New CPAP technology such as smart CPAP machines can help you get better rest.

What is A Smart CPAP?

A standard CPAP machine works by continuously sending air through your airways to keep them open and free of obstruction. This way you get the oxygen your body needs to properly rest. However, as CPAP advances are made, they can greatly improve your comfort and quality of sleep.

A smart CPAP is actually an APAP (automatically adjusting positive airway pressure). Increasingly, most of the popular machines on the market, while they may be referred to as CPAP machines, are actually APAP devices. They auto adjust to your breathing patterns to optimize the settings of the air pressure administered. By using auto-titration to breathe with you, auto PAPs deliver exactly how much pressure you need with every inhale, so you can forget about worrying if your machine is set to the wrong settings. Automatic bilevel CPAP machines also adjust air pressure with every exhale.
Some machines, such as the ResMed AirSense 11, are so smart that they register how hard you’re breathing, loud your snoring, sleeping position, and more to accurately adjust pressure to prevent apneas while providing maximum comfort. They even provide lower amounts of pressure until they detect that you’ve fallen asleep and then gradually increase.

If your smart CPAP also has a humidifier then the auto party can really get started! As you sleep some smart CPAPs will detect the temperature of the room and automatically adjust the temperature of the water added to the air passing through the CPAP tubing.

This way the oxygen you receive during the night will always be at the perfect temperature. Not too hot or too cold. This will also prevent moisture from collecting in the tube or in your CPAP mask.

Do Smart Sleep Devices Really Help You Sleep Better?

Yes. They improve comfort and compliance to ensure that you’re getting quality rest. Smart CPAPs and other devices such as smartwatches record how much you sleep and the quality of your sleep by using your heart rate or breathing patterns to detect apneas and other irregularities. 

Your sleep cycles are also recorded to make sure your body is properly cycling through stages of light, REM, and deep sleep. Not getting enough of each stage of sleep could greatly hamper your rest.

Smart CPAP machines record this information and store it either on the device itself, to a smartphone app, SD card, or USB drive so the results can easily be given to your doctor. This way he can adjust your treatment as necessary. You can also view the results yourself to adjust the settings on your CPAP as needed.

Can Smart Devices Really Diagnosis Sleep Apnea?  

For smart devices to accurately diagnose sleep apnea they will first need to go through tons of clinical trials to get approved. Since most smartwatches or apps have not been approved they are not yet seen as qualifying testing devices.

However, by recording your heart rate or snoring levels to detect sleep irregularities they can tip your physician off to the fact that you may be suffering from sleep apnea. If you have any symptoms such as waking with a headache, choking or gasping in your sleep, chronic fatigue, weight gain, mood swings, trouble concentrations, and more so your sleep chart to your doctor.

If you are at risk, you can take an approved at-home sleep apnea that’s shipped directly to your home. After one night of use, send it back and a qualified sleep physician will analyze your results and contact your doctor.

Do You Need A Smart CPAP?

Depending on your sleep apnea severity and what your doctor prescribes, a standard CPAP machine may help you comply with treatment. Although, a smart CPAP can make treatment more comfortable, more effective, and more fun.

Smart CPAP  Benefits:

  • They are space saving, especially when they have a built-in humidifier.
  • Some are fun and easy to use with touch screen LSDs.
  • Most are rated as the quietest CPAP machine.
  • Some connect to apps to show you interactive sleep charts.
  • The settings automatically adjust, so you don’t have to worry about them.

Enjoy the best CPAP machine by investing in one that’s smart today!