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How To Fix It: My CPAP Mask and Hose Won’t Fit

It’s important to replace your CPAP mask and hose on a regular basis, along with the filter, cushions, headgear, and more. This is because regular use can wear these items out and help prevent dust, mold, and bacteria from building up in the system. Which is also why your CPAP supplies need to be cleaned regularly.

However, you don’t have to get the same mask and CPAP tubing every time. You can browse your options to find a mask that fits more comfortably and take advantage of hot deals for some major savings.

This is because CPAP mask and hose connections are universal, meaning most manufacturers make them the exact same size. All CPAP hoses have a 22mm connection cuff to fit all masks. So, enjoy having the freedom to check out a major selection of CPAP machines, masks, tubes, and more for endless possibilities!

However, if something doesn’t fit, don’t panic!

My CPAP Mask and Hose Won’t Fit

The number one issue faced with mask and tubing connection issues is due to not paying attention to the mask. It’s common to accidentally remove the swivel when detaching your CPAP hose from your old mask. Make sure you remove the swivel from your old tube and place it on your old CPAP mask before connecting the new tube or mask.

Another common connection issue arises when switching from a soft cuffed hose to a hard cuffed one because the hard cuff hose might not provide a snug fit. If this is the case, use a soft CPAP hose connector to secure a snug fit.

Specific CPAP Hoses

Sometimes your CPAP machine will need a specific hose, but it will still work with any CPAP mask. Heated CPAP hoses often are shaped differently on one end to fit a heated machine, but have a universal cuff on the other end.

While shopping, make sure that your CPAP tube is compatible with the type of CPAP machine you have by checking the product details or by contacting a CPAP Supplies representative for assistance.

Other CPAP Hose Troubleshooting Tips

Your CPAP Hose Is The Wrong Size: For comfort while sleeping you don’t want your CPAP hose to be too long or too short, but a standard hose is 6 feet long. If you feel as if you get tangled in it like web at night, consider switching to a hose that's 4 feet long or shorter. If you have too much space between where you sleep and your CPAP consider getting a tube that's 8 or 10 feet long.

CPAP Rainout: Is there a lot of moisture collecting in your tube? Does it splash your face? That’s because the temperature of the air outside of your hose is colder than the air passing through it. Prevent rainout by using a heating tube or CPAP hose cover to warm the air inside.

Dry Nose: If the air passing through your CPAP causes dryness or irritation, stuffiness, or sneezing adjust your humidifier to provide more heat and moisture for extra comfort.

CPAP Mask Troubleshooting:

My Mask Falls Off In The Night: You may have the wrong size or the wrong type of mask. Consider switching from a full face mask to a nasal mask for more comfort. You can also get an adjustable mask to perfectly fit.

It’s Hard To Fall Asleep With My Mask On: Your CPAP will take some getting used to. Wear it during the day and during naps to get used to it. Gradually increase the air pressure over time to increase comfort and try adding humidity.

My Mask Leaks: Adjust the straps and pads for a better fit or consider changing mask sizes. If you gain or lose weight during treatment you will have to change mask sizes accordingly.
It can be tempting to save a few bucks by not replacing your gear, but it could become wore out, broken, and filled with bacteria as a result. Simply contact us to discuss your issues and we will help you regularly replace your CPAP supplies. It’s the most cost-effective way to keep up with your treatment.