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Embr Wave 2 Watch & Charger

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The latest in wearable wellness solutions, the revolutionary Embr Wave 2 wristband is your own personal thermostat. It uses exclusive thermal technology to provide safe, natural, and fast relief from hot flashes and night sweats to improve sleep.

Embr Wave 2 Watch Overview

Embr Wave 2 uses exclusive technology and advanced thermal science to provide rapid, safe, and effective temperature relief.  With the press of a button, you can instantly start feeling waves of cooling designed to bring you relief and the most personalized and comfortable sleep.

How It Works:

  • Simply wear the Embr Wave on the inside of your wrist.

  • Discreetly press the button on the side of the device to instantly activate cooling mode for hot flash relief.

  • Feel your body temperature naturally cool down to an ideal range to help you feel better within seconds.

Embr Wave 2 Watch & ChargerEmbr Wave 2 Watch & Charger

Features & Benefits

  • Cools or warms the sensitive skin on the inside of the wrist to generate soothing thermal sensations at the press of a button.

  • Delivers fast, effective relief without anyone else knowing, and without supplements, pills, or ice cubes!

  • Comes with preset and customizable modes like Comfort, Hot Flashes, Stress, and Sleep
  • Fall asleep mode delivers cool or warm waves in a soothing rhythm to lull you into a deep sleep.

  • Convenient mobile app lets you customize your session by selecting the level of cooling or heating and the duration (anywhere from 5 minutes up to 9 hours!) Save your favorite settings for easy reuse.

  • Discreet, modern design similar to a smartwatch.

  • Adjustable stainless steel Milanese loop band.

  • Rechargeable and water resistant.

  • 1 year manufacturer warranty.

What's Included:

  • 1 — Embr Wave 2 Watch Device (Model # WACE2-DEVC-BLK)

  • 1 — Charger & Cord

Natural, safe relief at the press of a button

In a 2019 clinical study with Embr Labs and Johnson & Johnson, the Embr Wave 2 was clinically proven to help women manage menopause symptoms like hot flashes and insomnia. You can get precisely calibrated cooling or warming sensations to help you sleep better without disruptions related to body temperature and stress.

Embr Labs has multiple ongoing clinical trials in progress to learn more about the benefits of Embr Wave, and the technology is being researched in labs around the world. Tap into the power of temperature change to achieve better sleep!

Embr Wave 2 Watch & ChargerEmbr Wave 2 Watch & Charger
Prescription RequiredNo
Weight0.14 lbs
Manufacturer's Warranty1-year limited manufacturer's warranty
FSA/HSA Eligible Yes
Dimensions1.7" (diameter), .6" (H)