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How to Tell If Your CPAP Machine isn't Working

When you started to use your CPAP machine to treat your sleep apnea, you never felt better. Lately, though, you’ve been waking up during the night and you’re starting to snore again! Before you give up on CPAP therapy altogether, consider whether there could be something wrong with your CPAP machine. Keep reading to learn whether your device is sending you signals that it may be in need of a checkup.

I’m Breathing Dry, Chilly Air

Breathing in ice-cold air can be uncomfortable when you’re trying to drift off to sleep. If the air coming from your CPAP machine isn’t comfortably lukewarm, then consider whether there may be something amiss with your humidifier. The hot plate that heats the water may not be working properly.

At the same time, if you’re breathing in air that feels like it’s from the Sahara desert, then your humidifier may not be working at all. A good tip-off as to whether your humidifier is working is to assess how quickly the water in your humidifier’s water chamber goes down. The chamber should be refilled every 2-3 days. Anything more and you may need to either adjust your humidifier’s settings or troubleshoot the issue with a CPAP Supplies Sleep Specialist.

I’ve Started to Snore Again!

Snoring could mean your CPAP isn't working

And just when your partner thought the nights of listening to you sound like a buzzsaw were over, you’ve started to snore again! Snoring is a sign that you’re not getting enough constant air pressure from your CPAP machine. There are two likely causes of this problem:

  1. Your CPAP mask is leaking.
  2. The pressure hasn’t been adjusted high enough.

If you’ve ensured that your CPAP mask isn’t leaking, then you’ll want to consult with your doctor about adjusting the pressure settings that will get you back on track with sleep therapy.

I’m Always Sleepy During the Day

Feeling sleepy during the day can be indicative that you’re not getting a restful sleep during the night. Due to insufficient pressure from your CPAP machine, you might be waking up due to disruptions in your breathing. One reason you may not be getting enough air is due to a need for higher levels of pressure because of increased age, weight, or alcohol consumption. Conversely, your CPAP machine may not be working correctly, so you should contact us to speak with a clinician and figure out the best solution to getting a working machine.

My CPAP Machine Is Old

CPAP machines don’t last forever, and if your device looks like an R2D2 knockoff then you may want to consider upgrading your machine to ensure you’re receiving the best therapy possible for your sleep apnea. Odd noises and lack of air pressure can indicate it’s time to upgrade, and most insurance companies will cover the cost of a new CPAP machine every five years. You might only need to replace your CPAP supplies — check our CPAP Replacement Schedule to see if your machine needs some TLC.

The bottom line is you shouldn’t let a poorly functioning CPAP machine interfere with your therapy for sleep apnea. Speak with a CPAP clinician at CPAP Supplies today to ensure your machine is providing you the therapy you deserve!