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CPAP Hose Covers

Anyone who has used a CPAP machine long enough to go through a seasonal change is fully aware that the weather has a direct effect on the temperature and humidity. When the weather changes from warmer to colder, the humidity may be low, but in the tubing of your CPAP machine it is high, especially if you use a heated humidifier with your CPAP machine.

CPAP Rainout

The humidity level in your machine is the result of condensation. Moisture can build up inside your CPAP tubing when the temperature of the air passing through your CPAP hose is warmer than the temperature of the air around it. Rainout can be a problem because water can collect in your tubing and eventually be driven all the way to your mask during sleep therapy. We have some tips to prevent these issues with the use of a CPAP hose cover.

CPAP Hose Covers offers a wide variety of accessories that increase comfort — including everything from tubing clips (to keep your tubing in place while you sleep) to CPAP hose covers (that insulate your hose and reduce/eliminate rainout).

tubing wrap

These are a few of our favorite hose covers:

  • The ResMed Tubing Wrap is 72 inches long and has a zipper along its entire length so it will cover all standard tubing.
  • The Respironics six-foot tubing insulator that is made of soft fleece material on the outside and a nylon material on the inside. The insulator slides over a six foot CPAP tubing and fastens with a nylon cord and hooks and loop fastener. The fleece material provides a comfortable surface to the tubing.
  • Our last CPAP hose cover is called the SnuggleHose Tubing Wrap. This soft CPAP hose cover is made to wrap over CPAP and ventilator tubing, is hypoallergenic, and has improved hook and loop fasteners that will keep in place to reduce nighttime awakenings from the cold, hard hose touching your skin.

CPAP Rainout in the Winter

Remember rainout happens when the air inside your CPAP hose is warmer the air around it. Keeping your room warm and using heated accessories can help minimize condescension. If possible, keep the CPAP tubing lower than your face while you sleep. After all, water can flow up an incline.