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Charity That Supports Sleep Apnea Treatment

Sleep apnea is something we have all heard of but many think that it isn’t a big deal and that there aren’t any consequences to leaving it untreated. Many of you will remember American college and professional football player Reggie White. His sudden death in 2004 was not the direct effect of sleep apnea, but his sleep apnea adversely affected other illnesses he had and was a large contributor to his death.

The Reggie White Sleep Disorders Research & Education Foundation

It is possible that with the right treatment, this American football hero, minister, husband and father may have lived much longer. Wanting no one else to have to lose a loved one to sleep apnea, Reggie’s wife Sara started The Reggie White Sleep Disorders Research & Education Foundation, Inc.
The Reggie White foundation works to educate people from all economic backgrounds to understand the symptoms and risks of sleep apnea. They also strive to provide CPAP therapy to those who would otherwise be unable to secure the equipment needed for treatment. Anyone interested in getting assistance can apply to go through their application process for qualification.
Sara spoke candidly with reporters about Reggie’s condition saying “I noticed that he snored but it was something I accepted. I would just elbow him; so many wives know about the elbow!”, she encourages men, women and children to get screened and treated if they suspect they might have sleep apnea.
At we love hearing about charities that support sleep apnea treatment and education, like the Reggie White Sleep Disorders foundation. Those working hard to get information about sleep apnea out. Many people think that they simply cannot afford CPAP treatment but carries machines and supplies to match any budget.