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The Benefits of Having a Backup CPAP Mask

After starting CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) therapy, you become pretty used to how your CPAP mask feels during the night. Or maybe you've also noticed a few nights of discomfort with allergies or due to an illness leading to you to consider other mask options. Well, follow that thought because there are numerous benefits to having a backup CPAP mask.

Do You Need A Backup CPAP Mask?

The oils from your skin can cause your CPAP mask to become stiff or break down. It’s important to follow your resupply program to fully benefit from your treatment. So, if you’re considering getting trying out a different type of mask, don’t wait. Go ahead and get it now.

Having a different type of mask will give you time to get used to it gradually, so you won’t be kept awake when you need it. Plus, you will already have it there when you need instead of having to wait a few days for shipping.

woman with allergies uses her backup CPAP mask

Backup Full Face Mask Benefits

If you have a nasal mask you probably enjoy more freedom as you sleep, but when colds or allergies happen you might find yourself unable to rest. If you suffer from congestion due to a sickness, pollen, or more, then your nasal passages will be blocked and your nasal mask won’t be able to provide the oxygen that you need. A full face mask allows you to receive oxygen through your mouth when needed.

If you use BiPAP (bilevel positive airway pressure) you will want a face mask with a soft gel cushion to provide a tight seal and prevent air leaks. This is an incredibly comfortable way to get the most out of your CPAP treatment.

When the pressure setting is higher than lighter masks, such as nasal masks, can slip around during the night and even cause some chafing.

Backup Nasal Mask Benefits

Man rests comfortably with backup CPAP mask

Nasal CPAP masks allow you to be more mobile in your sleep as they take up less space. You can sleep on your side with them and move around more without the fear of knocking it off your face.

Plus, their smaller size makes them more portable, so they can be a good CPAP mask to travel with. Think about camping with CPAP, it probably makes sense to use a nasal mask so you can move around more to get comfortable.

You know what's hot? Summer is! Sometimes a full face mask can feel hot, humid, and heavy as hot summer temperatures rise, so CPAP users switch to their lightweight, comfortable nasal mask for a few months.

Also, if you want to read in bed or watch TV full face CPAP masks can block your field of vision. Plus, they can make it difficult to wear your glasses. If you have time to relax before bed then the nasal mask makes it easier to do so.

Are You Prepared With Your Backup CPAP Mask?

What happens when a cold strikes, your mask breaks or gets lost? Will you be prepared with a backup CPAP mask or will you have to go a few nights without getting proper rest? Check out the selection of CPAP masks at CPAPSupplies.com and speak with one of our expert clinicians to find the best masks for your individual needs.