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How Much Does a CPAP Machine Cost?

If you’ve recently had a sleep study and been diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), your healthcare provider may have recommended you use a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine. This commonly prescribed device can be a game changer for those who live with OSA, helping them to get better, more restful sleep and greatly reduce the health risks associated with this sleep disorder.

Sounds promising right? But it only works if you use the right CPAP machine setup for your needs, with a clean, well-fitting CPAP mask and all the supplies and accessories to make it as comfortable as possible. The more relaxed you can be when you use your CPAP machine, the easier it will be to use it regularly, which is the key to effective sleep apnea treatment.

But you may be wondering what kind of set up you’ll need, as well as the estimated costs, not to mention all the CPAP equipment and supplies. That’s where we come in! We’ll break it all down for you; the types of machines available, price ranges, and all the parts and accessories you’ll need to get started.

What are the Different Types of Sleep Apnea Machines?

While the term ‘CPAP’ is often used to describe all sleep apnea treatment devices, there are other types of machines often prescribed by sleep specialists. It depends on the severity of the condition and other factors. There are three main types of PAP therapy machines available.

  • CPAP machines are the most commonly used sleep therapy treatments. They deliver continuous air pressure to your nose and mouth through a CPAP mask to keep your airways open during the night. This ensures you don’t stop breathing and can maintain healthy oxygen levels (and uninterrupted sleep). Unlike APAP and BiPAP machines, a CPAP device produces the same level of prescribed pressure level throughout the night.
  • BiPAP machines (Bilevel Positive Airway Pressure) are similar to CPAP machines with one important difference. These devices have two pressure settings, a stronger level for inhalation and a reduced level for exhalation. BiPAP machines help make exhalation easier, with less of a sense that you are breathing out against a lot of resistance.
  • APAP machines (Automatic Positive Airflow Pressure), as the name suggests, will automatically adjust the level of air pressure based on your breathing as you sleep. This helps keep your treatment comfortable and effective as you move through different stages of sleep. APAP machines are sometimes prescribed for people with more complex sleep apnea, or for those who cannot get used to the standard CPAP therapy.

How Much Does a CPAP Machine Cost?

A new CPAP machine can cost from $350 for a basic machine to upwards of $1500 for a machine with all the bells and whistles. APAP and BiPAP machines typically will cost more than standard CPAP. It widely depends upon the brand, make, model, and the features that are present to help you get the best sleep possible. This cost does not include other supplies necessary for effective PAP therapy.

How Much Do CPAP Supplies Cost?

To make your CPAP therapy comfortable and effective, you'll need a few extra supplies beyond just the machine itself:

There are additional accessories that you may want to have on hand to enhance your sleep therapy further. A chin strap is commonly used for people who prefer to use a nasal mask as opposed to a full face mask, but find that they need something to help prevent mouth breathing during the night.

Keep in mind that you'll need to replace your parts on a regular schedule to avoid excess wear and tear on your parts. Check out the industry standard CPAP replacement schedule here.

Will Insurance Cover the Cost of a CPAP Machine?

Yes, you may be able to get your CPAP machine through insurance. Sleep apnea devices and replacement supplies are covered by most health insurance companies, including Medicare and Medicaid. They are considered durable medical equipment (DME) and are covered as required.

If you don’t have insurance coverage, you’ll need to pay out of pocket. Fortunately, we sell at the lowest allowable prices, and there’s no waiting for for authorization or approval from an insurance provider.

How Much Does a Travel CPAP Machine Cost?

Once you have your CPAP machine for home use, you may be interested in getting a portable CPAP machine for travel. This device can be taken on short trips to see your family, nature outings, as well as business trips. The cost of the travel CPAP can vary depending on the brand, make, model, and features.

Most health plans do not cover the cost of a travel CPAP machine as it is considered more of a luxury item than a medical necessity. Therefore, if you plan on investing in a travel CPAP machine, you should be able to use a health savings plan or pay out of pocket. It is important to remember that the travel CPAP is not a replacement for the conventional CPAP machine made for home use. The travel version is simply used for short trips.

CPAP Supplies makes it easy for you to order your CPAP machine with ease. Whether you are ordering via insurance or have to pay out of pocket, your machine and accompanying supplies can be delivered to your door. Our customer service agents are knowledgeable about the machines and can help you to purchase the best CPAP machine and supplies to meet your needs.