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CPAP Tricks, Tips, and Hacks

CPAP therapy has helped millions who have sleep apnea to get a better night’s sleep. Studies estimate that there are 22 million Americans that suffer from sleep apnea, and many of them are undiagnosed. Once you start your CPAP therapy, your overall state of health improves. It can, however, be difficult at first to get used to sleeping with your new mask or machine. How will it affect your regular sleep schedule? How hard is it to manage travelling with a CPAP machine? How difficult is it to keep up with cleaning supplies?

Aeroflow Sleep Specialist Eric Burton has been sleeping with his CPAP machine for the last 15 years and is here to provide his insight to help you easily adjust to your CPAP therapy.

Expert Tips for Adjusting to CPAP

Follow Instructions

When you are meeting with your doctor, pay close attention to the instructions. In order to get the most out of your therapy and to be compliant, follow every instruction, and clean and replace your supplies when they are scheduled! When you neglect maintenance and a proper replacement schedule, you are putting yourself at risk to other health issues, such as skin irritation and infections.

Find the Perfect Mask

Finding the right mask is crucial. You want to make sure that you have a great seal, and you can sleep comfortably throughout the entire night. Try sleeping in different masks to find the most comfortable one for you. With our 30 Day Mask Guarantee, we have a team of specialists that can provide you all the information that you need to find the proper fit. The perfect mask is out there, you just need to take time to find it.

Schedule Time To Clean

Schedule time to clean your supplies and stick to your schedule. When you don’t clean your CPAP machine regularly, you breathe in the mold and germs that collect within your machine and supplies. This can lead to even more health issues such as infections or even pneumonia. Stick to your cleaning schedule. If you notice a funny smell or a skin irritation, take the time to clean your supplies right away!

Always Have Back Up

You never want to miss a night sleeping with your CPAP machine. Once you have that first great night's sleep, it is terrifying to go back to those sleepless nights. No matter where the family takes you on vacation, always bring a back up. Bring your regular CPAP machine, bring your travel CPAP machine, and all your supplies. You do not want to risk something happening to your equipment while on vacation. Lack of sleep negatively affects our mood and energy levels, and can ruin any family vacation. Always have a backup so you can stick to your routine, and sleep soundly throughout the night.

We Are Here To Help

No matter where you are at in your CPAP journey, we are here to help! Whether you would like to use your insurance, or want the flexibility of paying without insurance on our cash site, we make it fast, simple and convenient. Check out our store for all of your favorite brands and save big with FREE shipping. Thank you Eric again for your insight!