Buying CPAP Supplies on Amazon: What to Know

When shopping for your CPAP essentials, seeing CPAP machines, masks, and replacement parts on Amazon at prices lower than authorized sellers can be confusing. Why are they selling these supplies for less? There are a few reasons, we’ll walk you through them and also highlight the best ways to buy cpap supplies that are safe and cost effective.

Generic CPAP Supplies

In some cases, the products are off brand, which means they are not made by the original manufacturer that makes the machines and masks you already have. At first it seems like a great deal. But it’s important to look at your investment long term to see if it’s worth the initial cost savings. 

For example, will the generic supplies and accessories be compatible with your current set up, and if they are not, will you be able to return them? Would you want to purchase from a seller who potentially repackages returned products that have been used by someone else? 

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Non-Prescription CPAP Masks and Machines

First, it’s important to note that the FDA classifies all PAP machines and fully assembled CPAP masks as Class II medical devices. This means that a CPAP machine or an assembled CPAP mask cannot legally be sold to a consumer without a prescription. 

Any time you see a listing for a machine, assembled mask, or humidifier on a platform like Amazon that does not require a prescription, you can’t assume it’s safe, even if it's listed as or claims to be new. You may see a no-prescription machine or mask being sold on these platforms, but it’s not because the platform has deemed it ‘safe.’ Each platform has different ways of policing their seller listings, and prohibited listings can sometimes slip through the cracks. 

Individuals sometimes advertise products as new, complete with manufacturer photos, when in reality they are used products that have been repackaged. This means that the seller could be reselling, for example, a nasal mask that has been in someone's nostrils, or a machine that someone has used with their own tubing for a night or two, which is not only unsanitary, but also potentially dangerous to your health.

If you do shop on an online marketplace like Amazon or eBay, keep a lookout for authorized resellers, these are companies that will require a prescription and will be most likely to follow FDA guidelines.

Low Price CPAP Supplies

CPAP supplies and parts, however, do not require a prescription and consumers have options when it comes to purchasing replacement parts for their equipment. There are a couple different scenarios where you may see lower prices advertised for these products. We’ll go through each of them individually.

Reliability is another issue. Original manufacturer parts undergo the same rigorous testing performed by the same technicians that designed, built, and tested top-rated CPAP machines. Each part and piece of equipment has been designed to work together when assembled as a fully functioning CPAP mask. 

If something goes wrong with your equipment and you need to take advantage of the manufacturer warranty, you may be surprised to find it doesn’t apply if you’ve used the equipment with generic parts. The machine recall happened because a manufacturer was made aware of an issue with an original component. If any component were to cause damage or harm to a machine or mask, no recall or warranty would apply.

Remember, these are medical devices built expressly for the purpose of treating a dangerous condition.

Used CPAP Supplies

Unauthorized resellers sometimes advertise products as new, complete with manufacturer photos, when in reality they are used products that have been repackaged.

Masks and parts that have been used in a breathing treatment are uniquely susceptible to capture contaminants that can infect the upper airway, including viruses and bacteria. At, we only accept unopened returns, as is required by our manufacturers and the FDA.

How to Find the Best Price on CPAP Supplies Online, Safely

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