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How to Avoid Dry Eyes With CPAP

The content in this blog was medically reviewed by Michelle Worley, R.N., a seasoned medical advisor who has worked as a clinician for over 20 years in the sleep-related medical field.

One of the most common CPAP machine side effects is dry, itchy eyes. However, if you find yourself unable to fall asleep or waking up with irritated eyes, don’t worry. We’ve discovered the causes and solutions for CPAP dry eyes to provide relief faster than you can blink. 

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Immediately Stop Colds And Flu With Your CPAP

As summer fades into the fall we get to enjoy cooler temperatures, football, and pumpkin spice everything. However, that can distract us from the fact that cold and flu season is lurking right around the corner! On top of that, fall allergy season hits at full force with pollen, mold, and ragweed. You might be left congested, coughing, and wondering if you should be using CPAP with a cold. The answer is yes.

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