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Can CPAP Therapy Cause Acne?

We thought we were over this, right?  We aren’t teenagers anymore, well, maybe some of us are, but most of us are supposed to be past the acne stage.  Now that you have started CPAP therapy to treat sleep apnea, you may notice your skin is feeling a little challenged.  Getting used to wearing the CPAP mask is only part of that challenge.  You may notice sore spots on your skin, redness or even pimples.  This can happen for several reasons.

The first reason you are feeling soreness on your skin is simply pressure from your mask.  In the beginning, we are not used to wearing anything on our faces when we sleep, much less something that needs to be in complete contact with the skin it touches so it works properly.  In the case of your CPAP mask, you need to maintain that ever important seal if you want your CPAP machine to benefit you, right?

Do consider that your CPAP mask is not made of natural material.  It is plastic.  It is made this way for durability and ease of cleaning and sanitizing.  The material itself is enough to cause some people to break out where it touches their skin.  This can be complicated by using the wrong cleaner on the mask.  First, make sure to only clean the mask with hot water and a mild soap.  There are also cleansers out there that are made to clean CPAP accessories and be gentle on skin.  Another thing you can do is create a barrier between you and your CPAP mask with anything from mask liners to repurposed buts of old t-shirt.  As long as the seal is not compromised and your skin condition improves, you are on the right track.

Remember, you did the right thing for yourself when you chose to have your sleep apnea treated.  The least you can do is make it easier by increasing your comfort.   Try looking into the products at  You’ll be thankful that you helped yourself.