Bleep Eclipse Starter Kit


Get the sleep you deserve with the mobility you want in CPAP therapy with the new Bleep Eclipse! There no headgear, no leaks, no mask marks — just total comfort with this revolutionary new product.

Eclipse™ is transforming PAP therapy. With a grant from the National Institute of Science, Eclipse™ will launch in late 3Q22. Eclipse uses MagSeal™ technology to ensure a rapid on/rapid off interface. Like the DreamPort also by Bleep, Eclipse™ optimizes PAP users comfort by removing all of the headgear and straps and allowing a clinically proven No Leak seal. Eclipse™ is over 35% smaller than other top selling nasal pillow/nasal mask on the market. Eclipse™ introduces a new industry first in leak-free fit, profile & connectivity with an innovative technology called MagSeal™, allowing a perfect fit in under a second with no leaks, no headgear, no straps, no dry eyes, and no ulcerations. Due to the No Leak technology, many users have been able to reduce arousal index and obtain lower patient AHI and reduced average APAP pressures.


What's included:

  • 1 — Eclipse Frame
  • 2 — Box of Halos (16 nights per box, 1 month supply)

More Information

More Information
Model 100589
Insurance Product TypeNot Insurance
Prescription RequiredYes
FSA/HSA Eligible No