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Bleep DreamPreps™ for DreamWay™ CPAP Mask

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The adhesive component of the Bleep DreamPorts™ won't work as well if you use lotion or soap to clean your face since these products can leave behind residue, preventing the best seal possible. Alcohol-based pads will work, but long-term use can be hard on your skin. What can you do? Consider using Bleep DreamPreps™ instead to clean your face gently and prepare for a night of great sleep.

Manufactured by Bleep.

Bleep DreamPreps™ for DreamWay™ CPAP Mask Overview

The Bleep Mask DreamPort™ Sleep System is a revolutionary way for CPAP users to get their nightly therapy. The system uses adhesives to create a reliable seal instead of using pillows or silicone to seal around (or inside) the nose. The tape works very well— if your face is clean.

The Bleep DreamPreps™ are currently the best way to prepare your face for the Bleep DreamPort™ Sleep System.

Features and Benefits:

  • DreamPreps™ Use Witch Hazel Instead of Alcohol - Using Witch Hazel instead of alcohol as the primary disinfectant, the DreamPreps are able to remove all makeup, oils, and dirt from the nose. This makes it easier to get a quality seal from the adhesive. The Witch Hazel is intended to be gentler on the skin than alcohol and will be better for long-term use.

  • 100 Pads Included - The cleaner your face, the better the adhesive will stick, and your therapy could be more productive as a result. The Bleep DreamPreps™ come with 100 pads. It's normal to use 1 pad to gently clean the nose per day, so the pads should last 100 days.

Bleep DreamPort: Introduction & Application

Prescription RequiredNo
Weight0.04 lbs
FSA/HSA Eligible Yes
Dimensions3" × 3.3"