Oracle 452 Oral CPAP Mask by Fisher & Paykel

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The Oracle™ delivers pressure through the mouth rather than the nose, offering the patient yet another choice of delivery.

The Fisher & Paykel Oracle™ was the first ever developed oral mask - a milestone in mask design. The Oracle™ is a great solution for mouth breathers, or patients with chronic nasal obstruction. The Oracle™ oral mask provides freedom of movement with an unobstructed field of vision for reading, watching tv and more. It is fully assembled and ready for use upon delivery. Users enjoy multiple comfort features such as adjustable headgear and easy release straps.

  • Single-strap Breath-O-Prene™ headgear provides clear vision
  • Flexitube position headgear rotates 360 degrees, allowing patients to choose their most comfortable position
  • Silicone Seal Mouthpiece and SnapFlap™ Cover work together to create a comfortable and effective seal
  • The patient's lips comfortably fit between the Silicone Seal Mouthpiece and SnapFlap™ Cover
  • The Rotating Adjustment Dial allows the patient to change the distance between the Silicone Seal Mouthpiece and SnapFlap™ Cover for an individualized fit. Adjust this piece while the headgear is fitted or not
  • The Efficient Air Diffuser directs air away from the patient and their partner for a more peaceful treatment
  • Simply pull the Easy Release Strap to remove the headgear. This avoids having to change the headgear settings when taking removing it