MVAP Respisoak

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Respisoak is alcohol-free and is safe for cleaning. RespiSoak is a 2% weekly maintenance concentrated solution formulated for cleaning respiratory equipment. Cleaning up your CPAP equipment is a breeze with RespiSoak cleaner from MVAP Medical Supplies, Inc. RespiSoak is a cleaning solution that is formulated for cleaning the components of your CPAP system, including hoses and masks. It can also be used to clean nebulizers, nasal cannulas, and other respiratory accessories.

RespiSoak is a 2% weekly maintenance concentrated solution formulated for cleaning your respiratory equipment. To use, simply combine the RespiSoak solution and warm water, following the directions on the bottle. Soak and rinse CPAP supplies as directed. Respisoak is alcohol-free and is safe for cleaning all of your plastic, rubber, and silicone mask parts. Available in 16 and 32 ounces. Contains no formaldehyde or vinegar Alcohol-free Physician-recommended Safe for cleaning plastic, rubber, and silicone parts With daily use of CPAP masks, hoses, and other equipment, bacteria are bound to accumulate, which may cause not only a foul odor but also respiratory infections. It is therefore important to clean your accessories regularly. RespiSoak is physician-tested and recommended, so you can be sure that with this cleaning solution the essential parts of your oxygen and CPAP system will be cleaned and deodorized thoroughly. It is not advisable to clean respiratory equipment with cleaning products that contain bleach or alcohol. RespiSoak does not contain either of those components and is an ideal cleaning solution for your respiratory equipment. One of its best features is its hazard-free, environmentally friendly composition. It contains 2% oxychloro complex species and 98% deionized pure water—no alcohol, vinegar, or formaldehyde. Without harsh, irritating chemicals, it serves as a perfectly safe CPAP cleaner, so there is absolutely no need to hold your breath while cleaning your CPAP or oxygen system. Keep a bottle or two of RespiSoak at home and clean your equipment weekly with this CPAP cleaner, carefully following recommended cleaning procedures. This can surely help you maintain and lengthen the lifetime of your CPAP system safely and conveniently.