CPAPmax 2.0 Pillow Bundle By Contour Products

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Instantly enhance your sleep apnea therapy experience with the Contour CPAPmax pillow! A new, innovative design comfortably keeps your head and neck in alignment to reduce facial pressure and minimize mask shifting, even for side sleepers.

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CPAPmax 2.0 Pillow Bundle By Contour Products
CPAPmax 2.0 Pillow Bundle By Contour Products

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    CPAPmax 2.0 Pillow Bundle Overview

    The ergonomic Contour CPAP pillow 2.0 is not your average pillow! It features a concave center and cutouts for shoulders and side cutouts for your CPAP mask and hose. No more CPAP hose getting in your way or uncomfortable facial pressure waking you up throughout the night. The orthopedic CPAPmax keeps your mask and airway alignment in the optimum position for effective therapy and better sleep.

    Proper alignment means less neck pain, fewer air leaks, and better CPAP compliance for sleep apnea patients. Comfort accessories like CPAP bed pillows help take your sleep therapy experience to the next level, making it that much easier for CPAP users to stick with it. Your CPAP machine can’t do its job if you’re not comfortable. Side, back and stomach sleepers can improve their CPAP comfort instantly with this ergonomic memory foam pillow.

    Unlike a traditional bed pillow, you can adjust the height of the CPAPmax pillow 2.0 by adding or removing foam layers. You can even choose from a plush hypoallergenic fiberfill pillowtop side or a cool 3D mesh side for the ultimate custom experience.

    CPAPmax 2.0 Pillow Bundle Features

    • The mask rests securely in the side cutouts and limits interference with your face
    • 3 layer construction with a top memory foam layer, a high resiliency middle layer, and a charcoal infused layer for freshness
    • Adjustable height to match your preference
    • Ventilated foam airflow on one side, plush microfiber on the other
    • Compatible with all brands and types of masks, including full face masks
    • Perfect for side and back sleepers
    • Soft, removable pillow cover with an attached hose tether that supports weight of the hose
    • Recommended by Sleep Professionals and Respiratory Therapists
    • Includes a pillow case that conforms to the pillow’s unique
    • Dimensions 20” x 13” x 6”