AirFit N20 Cushion By ResMed

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This cushion is compatible with the ResMed AirFit N20 and the AirFit N20 For Her. It uses dual-wall cushion technology and other comfort features to provide lasting comfort and a secure seal throughout therapy.

The AirFit N20 Cushion features ResMed's most advanced cushion technology. This cushion allows the AirFit N20 to fit 99% of all patients. The cushion adapts to facial features to provide a strong yet comfortable seal. The seal successfully avoids leaks and blowouts that are cumbersome to sleep apnea therapy.

The cushion uses dual-wall cushion technology and specially designed loops to ensure quality seal protection. Enjoy a comfortable seal throughout therapy sessions without worrying about mask leaks.

Features and Benefits:
  • Use for both the AirFit N20 and the AirFit N20 for her systems
  • Dual-wall cushion technology and loops prevent leaks
  • Secure Seal keeps the cushion in place