AirFit/AirTouch F20 Headgear with Headgear clips By ResMed

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The ResMed AirFit/AirTouch F20 Headgear comes with Headgear clips and is made with a soft material for added comfort. It is available in three sizes and includes the headgear only.

This headgear is compatible with the ResMed AirFit & AirTouch F20 system. It provides comfortable support to keep the mask stable on the face. The headgear is designed to fit a variety of head shapes and sizes — fitting 99% of patients.

Easily adjust the the headgear with straps to fit your head size. Magnets allow patients to easily connect the headgear to the mask. The headgear surrounds the back of the head to ensure that the mask stays in place throughout a therapy session.

Features and Benefits:

  • Soft, comfortable fabric
  • Stabilizes mask even as you move throughout the night
  • Uses magnets to connect to the mask frame
  • Mask frame not included