DreamWisp Nasal CPAP Mask By Respironics

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This CPAP mask is out of stock. Philips Respironics has issued a voluntary recall on this CPAP mask and its components for people with medically implanted devices. Read more about the recall here. Please note: if you do not have any medically implanted devices, this recall does not apply to you. No other brands are affected by this recall.

The Philips Respironics DreamWisp Nasal CPAP Mask offers unprecedented comfort and a swivel tube connection at the top of the head, excellent for active sleepers. From its open-frame design to the soft silicone Wisp cushion, innovative engineering allows for restful sleep apnea therapy. The DreamWisp comes with multiple cushion sizes, quick release magnetic clips, and our 30-day mask guarantee.

A prescription is not required for the purchase of these mask components. Please pick which components you'd like to order to proceed without a prescription. Please note: headgear is not included in your order unless selected below.

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DreamWisp Nasal CPAP Mask By Respironics
DreamWisp Nasal CPAP Mask By Respironics

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    DreamWisp Nasal CPAP Mask Overview

    Introducing DreamWisp minimal contact mask from Philips Respironics. DreamWisp helps you sleep comfortably and soundly through the night. DreamWear’s innovative top-of-the-head tube design means that air flows quietly through the hollow, lightweight mask frame. This eliminates the feeling of being tethered to your BiPAP or CPAP machine by a face-connected tube that gets in your way as you move around. It‘s loved by stomach and side sleepers who change positions frequently.

    The Respironics Wisp mask is ideal for people who breathe through their nose, have facial hair, and/or prefer a more compact option than a full face masks. DreamWisp delivers airflow within the mask frame, which ensures a clear field of vision and a smaller footprint than traditional nasal and nasal pillow masks. The Wisp nasal cushion softly conforms to your profile, creating an optimal seal and secure mask fit for effective cpap therapy. Available in petite, small, medium, large and extra large cushion sizes.

    Magnetic clips enable quick release of the four-point headgear which can be especially useful for patients who have dexterity issues. Dreamwisp headgear is available as an option but not included automatically. It is also not required. However, if you'd like your order to include headgear, please select your preferred option above. Replacement cushion can be purchased separately.

    DreamWisp Nasal CPAP Mask Features and Benefits

    • Top of the head tube connection and in-frame airflow for more freedom of movement
    • Minimal contact nasal cushion provides secure seal
    • Upward facing exhalation port to funnel air away from you and your bed partner
    • Magnetic headgear clips for easy on/off