Dreamwear Full Face CPAP Mask Frame System by Respironics

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The innovative design of the Dreamwear Full Face CPAP mask combines the comfort and convenience of the popular Dreamwear Nasal Pillows mask with full nose and mouth coverage. Includes full face mask cushion and mask frame.

A prescription is not required for the purchase of these mask components. Please pick which components you'd like to order to proceed without a prescription.

Please note a headgear is not included in your order unless selected below.

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Dreamwear Full Face CPAP Mask Frame System by Respironics
Dreamwear Full Face CPAP Mask Frame System by Respironics

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    Dreamwear Full Face Mask Frame System Overview

    The Philips Respironics DreamWear Full Face Mask tube connection sits at the top of the head instead of at the nasal bridge, ensuring maximum freedom of movement in multiple sleeping positions. This innovative design offers a wide open field of vision, perfect for those who wear glasses or like to watch TV or read before bedtime. It’s also ideal for those who like the minimal contact that a nasal cushion provides, but need full nose and mouth coverage with no leakage.

    Philips Respironics designed this soft silicone frame to be versatile as well; it’s compatible with both the DreamWear nasal mask and gel pillow mask in addition to the full face masks. This is great news for people who like to switch between a variety of styles.

    With the Dreamwear Philips Respironics to provide extreme comfort by eliminating the discomfort and hassle of having a tube connected to the nose bridge. This design prevents both irritation and red marks to make your sleep apnea treatment feel like a dream.

    Dreamwear Full Face Mask Frame System Features & Benefits

    • Hose attachment at top of the head instead of nose bridge for an open field of view
    • Lightweight in-frame airflow design
    • Minimal contact helps prevents red marks and irritation
    • Provides freedom of movement for stomach and side sleepers
    • Designed for a cozy, custom mask fit

    Choose DreamWear full face cushion size and Frame Options:

    • Small Cushion/Medium Frame - 1133405
    • Medium Cushion/Medium Frame - 1133406
    • Large Cushion/Medium Frame - 1133407
    • Medium Wide Cushion/Medium Frame - 1133408
    • Small Cushion/Small Frame - 1133410
    • Medium Cushion/Small Frame - 1133411
    • Large Cushion/Small Frame - 1133412
    • Medium Wide Cushion/Small Frame - 1133413
    • Small Cushion/Large Frame - 1133415
    • Medium Cushion/Large frame - 1133416
    • Large Cushion/Large Frame - 1133417
    • Med Wide Cushion/Large Frame - 1133418

    The Dreamwear headgear features magnetic clips for quick disconnection from CPAP machine. Mask headgear is available as an option but not included automatically. It is also not required. However, if you'd like your order to include headgear, please select your preferred option above.

    • DreamWear Full Face Headgear - 1133450
    Prescription RequiredNo
    Manufacturer's Warranty90-day limited manufacturer's warranty
    FSA/HSA Eligible Yes
    SizeSmall Cushion/Medium Frame