Opus 360 Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask by Fisher & Paykel

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This nasal mask complete system has a slimline design that allows for almost any sleeping position without mask displacement. With its new Silicone Pillows and facially Contoured Mask Frame for extra stability, patient comfort is paramount.

A prescription is not required for the purchase of these mask components. Please pick which components you'd like to order to proceed without a prescription.

Please note: headgear is not included in your order unless selected below.

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Opus 360 Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask by Fisher & Paykel
Opus 360 Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask by Fisher & Paykel

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    The redesigned Fisher & Paykel Opus™ 360 Nasal Pillows Mask provides an unprecedented level of comfort through the uniquely designed nasal pillow and headgear combination specially developed to contour to any face shape or size. The innovative 360° pivoting ball and socket elbow provides greater versatility. Anatomically shaped nasal pillows of this nasal interface CPAP mask have been refined to offer greater mobility and flexibility. The frame and headgear have also been revised to provide a better side sleeping experience, as well as a facially contoured design for a more comfortable fit. Please note that headgear does not automatically come with the order. If you'd like your purchase to include headgear, please select your headgear option. The mask comes with 3 nasal pillows in small, medium, and large for patient convenience and ease of use.

    Features and Benefits

    • Anatomically Shaped Pillows come in a variety of sizes to contour more effectively and provide an excellent seal
    • Frosted Silicone nasal pillows enhance seal technology, providing a better seal and added comfort
    • Contoured Mask Frame uses soft pads to fit comfortably on the patient's face
    • Slim-line design accommodates for multiple sleeping positions
    • The pivoting tube system rotates 360 degrees, allowing the tube be anchored on the left, right or top of the system
    • The Advanced Air Diffuser distributes air away from the patient and their partner to minimize air disturbance during therapy
    • Off-the-lip nasal pillows are soft on the nose and are designed to be raised off the lips
    • Easily remove the headgear with a on-step process for easy cleaning, assembly and disassembly. Headgear is available as an option but not included automatically. It is also not required. However, if you'd like your order to include headgear, please select your preferred option above.