Mojo 2 Full Face Mask with Headgear


With its ultra-lightweight gel, flexible frame, and adjustable forehead support arm, the Sleepnet Mojo 2 Full Face Gel CPAP Mask can be finely tuned to match the contours of your face. The unique wire support is a breakthrough in gel cushion technology, offering an unrivaled level of customization. Sleepnet's patented AirGel is 50% lighter than any other CPAP mask gel and twice as pliable. It makes the Mojo 2 one of the most comfortable and adaptable masks available.

Although not shown in the promotional images, the breathable, adjustable headgear is included with this mask.




Patented Custom Fit Technology

Custom-fit the mask for all facial features. Forming the mask can often improve fit instead of depending on increasing headgear tension. Minor adjustments can make a major difference in seal. When using the custom fit technology it is as simple as Flex, Fit, Forget.


Softer than skin AIR°gel® provides maximum comfort while minimizing weight. The Advanced Cushion Technology is designed to create a seal with minimal pressure. Reducing pressure lowers irritations which improves overall compliance.

Forehead Cushion and Adjustment Knob

Removes pressure from the bridge of the nose for a personalized fit. 

Magnetic Headgear Connectors

magnetic headgear clips are the ideal solution for fast mask removal.

360° Rotating Swivel

For optimal tube positioning and easier mobility.

Oxygen Port

Allows easy delivery of supplemental oxygen.

Available in Vented, Non-vented, and AAV - using colored elbows to the non-vented masks.

Size Indicator 

Available in three sizes S/M/L/ XL