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Hybrid Masks

Hybrid masks combine the flexibility of a full face CPAP mask with the freedom and comfort of a nasal pillow mask!

Hybrid masks combine the flexibility of a full face CPAP mask with the freedom and comfort of a nasal pillow mask!

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  • What Is a Hybrid CPAP Mask?

    Hybrid masks provide airflow to the nose and mouth, but unlike a traditional full face mask they don’t seal over the top of your nose. Instead, they cradle underneath your nose with two soft pillows like a nasal pillow CPAP mask.

    The hybrid design completely eliminates pressure points on the nasal bridge or the need for bulky forehead support. This means a wider field of view and greater freedom of movement! 

    These flexible masks are compatible with any standard APAP, BiPAP, or CPAP machine. 

    • Best Sleeping Position: Back sleepers, side sleepers

    • Best Breathing Style: Mouth breathers or nose breathers

    • Best Pressure Setting: Any

    • Mask Cushion Materials: Silicone

  • Is a Hybrid Mask the Same as a Minimal-Contact Full Face Mask?

    While a hybrid full face mask is designed to minimize contact with your face, it’s not the same as a minimal-contact full face CPAP mask.

    A minimal-contact face mask features one continuous cushion that seals over your mouth and nose. A good example is the ResMed AirFit F30 or the Philips Respironics Dreamwear Full Face. 

    A hybrid CPAP mask, on the other hand, includes two separate cushions: a mouth cushion that diffuses airflow over a wider area, and a nasal interface that provides the same secure fit as nasal pillows. This combination provides sleep apnea patients flexibility in their breathing, while protecting against air leaks. An example of a hybrid mask is the ResMed Mirage Liberty.

  • Who Should Use a Hybrid CPAP Mask?

    You should consider a hybrid mask if you:

    • Switch between being a mouth breather and a nose breather

    • Experience frequent nasal congestion or allergies

    • Like the freedom of a nasal cushion but experience leakage with smaller masks

  • Consider a Different Mask Type If…

    A hybrid CPAP mask may not be for you if you:

    • Prefer minimal headgear

    • Use a chinstrap to keep your mouth closed

  • CPAP Mask Replacement Schedule

    To keep your CPAP therapy both effective and hygienic you should replace the individual parts of your mask according to the recommended schedule. This will help ensure that your CPAP mask is clean and free from air leakage, and always maintains the perfect fit.

    • Mask Cushions - Every 4 weeks

    • Mask Frame - Every 3 months

    • Headgear - Every 6 months

    • Chinstraps - Every 6 months

  • 30 Day Mask Guarantee

    Choose your next mask with confidence with our 30-day guarantee on new CPAP masks. If you’re not fully satisfied with your purchase, you’ll get the full amount towards a new mask – at no extra cost!

    Learn more about our 30-Day Mask Guarantee.