Wisp Nasal CPAP Mask by Respironics

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This CPAP mask is out of stock. Philips Respironics has issued a voluntary recall on this CPAP mask and its components for people with medically implanted devices. Read more about the recall here. Please note: if you do not have any medically implanted devices, this recall does not apply to you. No other brands are affected by this recall.

The Wisp features a minimal cushion design for ultimate user comfort. This nasal mask is small, lightweight, and allows users to read or watch TV while receiving CPAP treatment. All three cushion sizes are included with each mask.

Please Note: The Tube Assembly is required for this mask to attach to your tubing. If you are intending to purchase the complete mask, be sure to select the Tube Assembly before adding this item to your cart.

A prescription is not required for the purchase of these mask components. Please pick which components you'd like to order to proceed without a prescription. Please note: headgear is not included in your order unless selected below.



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Respironics Wisp Nasal Mask
Wisp Nasal CPAP Mask by Respironics

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    The Wisp Nasal Mask provides exceptional CPAP treatment with minimal skin contact. This nasal mask frame is available in two different materials and provides the user with a clear line of sight throughout therapy. This innovative and lightweight mask is a wonderful alternative for many sleep apnea patients. Please note that headgear does not automatically come with the order. If you'd like your purchase to include headgear, please select your headgear option.

    The two frame options offer different sleep therapy experiences. The clear plastic frame is fairly traditional whereas the fabric frame is soft on the skin. Patients who have experienced skin irritation as a result of their mask frame or who have sensitive skin may be more comfortable with a fabric frame.

    The small nasal mask minimizes contact with the skin to reduce skin discomfort and help patients feel more natural during treatment. The cushion is available in multiple sizes to accommodate for all patients. Because this nasal mask does not have a forehead cushion, patients enjoy a clear line of sight. They are able to watch TV or read while receiving sleep apnea therapy.

    Headgear is available as an option but not included automatically. It is also not required. However, if you'd like your order to include headgear, please select your preferred option above. The CPAP headgear is easy to adjust and fit on the head regardless of the patient's head size and shape. This nasal mask uses innovative design to create a mask that is hassle-free and comfortable.

    Features and Benefits
    • Small nasal cushion reduces skin-to-cushion contact
    • No forehead pad increasing patient visibility during therapy
    • Nasal mask frame is available in two materials: clear plastic or fabric
    • Lightweight
    • Flexible
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