BPS ResMed 24V Power Converter for ResMed Air 10 and S9

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This 24V Power Converter is the required power connection component when using the Freedom Battery with the ResMed Air 10 and S9 Series machines.

*Please be aware that this is the converter alone, it will only work with the Freedom Battery

The ResMed S9 and Air 10 series of machines operate from 24V direct current and the Freedom Battery operates from12V direct current; therefore, the use of this 24V power converter is required to power these devices with the Freedom Battery. This product was specifically designed to connect from the Freedom Battery to the ResMed S9 or AirSense 10 devices. This ResMed 24V Power Converter includes the converter box and labeled connection cords to fit S9 and AirSense 10 devices. The simple connection provides a clean, efficient conversion from 12V to 24V direct current allowing you to power your ResMed S9 or AirSense 10 Series device with the CPAP Battery.