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Freedom V2 CPAP Battery Backup Power Supply

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Experience portability and convenience with the full Freedom V2 CPAP Battery Backup Power Supply. This kit includes everything you need to ensure you get your CPAP treatment anywhere, anytime!

Compatible with the ResMed AirSense 10, ResMed AirMini, ResMed AirSense 11, the Philips Respironics System One 60, Philips Respironics DreamStation 1, Philips Respironics DreamStation 2, the React Health Luna G3, and the Somnetics Transcend Micro (with additional cable - not included).

Freedom V2 CPAP Battery Backup Power Supply (Model # CHSV2) Overview

The Freedom V2 CPAP Battery Backup Power Supply is an ultra-portable lithium-ion battery made to last and to ensure you get your CPAP treatment whether you're traveling, camping, experiencing power issues, or anything else life may throw your way. Sleep with confidence knowing that this battery will help your CPAP machine power through it all!

Features and Benefits:

  • Air-Travel Compliant: Ensure a great night’s sleep while in the air with the TSA and airline-friendly Freedom V2 CPAP Battery. The small battery fits into a purse or backpack and works great in confined spaces like an airplane seat.

  • Gain 2-3 nights of sleep wherever you are with the Freedom V2 CPAP Battery. Expertly designed for camping, air travel, or as backup power at home.

Compatible With:

What's Included:

  • 1 - Freedom V2 Battery

  • 1 - Bridge Cable

  • 1 - AC Power Supply

  • 1 - Cable compatible with the AirSense™ 10, AirSense™ 11, and AirMini™

  • 1 - Cable compatible with the Dreamstation 1, Dreamstation 2, and System One


Prescription RequiredNo
Weight1.70 lbs
Manufacturer's Warranty1-year limited manufacturer's warranty
FSA/HSA Eligible No
Dimensions7.5" (L) x 4.8" (W) x 0.8" (H)