AirCurve 10 VAuto w/ HumidAir & ClimateLineAir Heated Tube By ResMed

ResMed AirCurve™ 10 VAuto BiLevel / BiPAP Machine with HumidAir™ Heated Humidifier is a sleek yet powerful CPAP machine designed to provide a stronger pressure therapy session for those that suffer from obstructive apnea to ensure the best and most comfortable treatment. This model comes with ClimateLifeAir™ heated tubing as an added benefit.

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The AirCurve™ 10 VAuto is an auto-adjusting bilevel/BiPAP with both AutoSet™ algorithm exclusively by ResMed and Easy-Breathe waveform for patients requiring increased pressure support. It automatically determines the pressure needed to be based on the patient’s breathing patterns. This machine holds the airway open while preserving the fixed pressure by adjusting baseline pressure. Features and Benefits

  • Easy-Breathe technology pressure waveform mimics normal breathing patterns for breathing comfort
  • HumidAir™ and ClimateLineAir™ heated tubing work together deliver the most comfortable temperature of air for therapy
  • ClimateLineAir™ heated tubing maintains the proper temperature of the air as it passes through the tubing
  • A temperature sensor built into the mask end of the tubing maintains the temperature right before it enters the mask
  • Swivel connector allows the patient to move during the night without breaking the mask seal or disrupting the tubing
  • TiControl™ allows the patient to set minimum and maximum time limits on either side of their spontaneous flow cycling, creating a window of opportunity for the patient to spontaneously cycle the breath with the security of timely intervention where necessary.
  • Adjustable trigger and cycle help the patient synchronize their breathing with treatment
  • Vsync continuous leak management utilizes reliable therapy pressure while maintaining patient-device sychrony


  • AirCurve 10 VAuto Machine
  • HumidAir Humidifier
  • ClimateLineAir Tubing
  • Power Supply Kit
  • Filters
  • Travel Bag
  • SD Card
More Information
Brand ResMed
Model 37212
Insurance Product Type Not Insurance
Prescription Required Yes
Replacement Frequency 1 per 5 years