Luna II Auto CPAP Machine with Humidifier by 3B Medical

The Luna II Auto CPAP is changing the game with advanced features usually found only in high-end APAPs, at a more budget-friendly price! With its built-in heated humidifier, auto-adjusting pressure settings, and wide range of data reporting options, you’ll be amazed at all the Luna II has to offer.

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One of the first things you’ll notice about the Luna II Auto CPAP is that the integrated heated humidifier comes built into the body. By including humidification as a standard feature, the Luna II helps eliminate dry mouth and sore throat, while also saving you hundreds on an aftermarket humidifier! 

Yet that’s not even the most powerful comfort feature. The 3B Luna II also includes a proprietary comfort algorithm that monitors your breathing pattern and automatically adjusts your airflow within your prescribed pressure range. This means you’ll get effective treatment for sleep apnea while keeping your sleep therapy as comfortable as possible. 

The advanced algorithm also provides automatic leak compensation, and real-time alerts for air leaks in your CPAP mask or tubing– so you can sleep easy knowing your CPAP therapy is working as it should. 

And with the auto-start feature, starting your CPAP machine is literally as easy as breathing! Simply put your face mask on and the Luna II senses your breathing and begins your airflow. Take the mask off, and the Luna stops to conserve power. 

The RESlex Exhalation Relief feature reduces air pressure when you exhale, making it easier to breathe naturally and comfortably. And with 3 different pressure relief settings, you can dial in the Luna II to suit your personal comfort needs.  

The next thing you’ll notice is the large 3.5” color LCD display, which lets you easily navigate your settings or view your therapy data. Quickly share your therapy data with your doctor through Luna II’s optional Wi-Fi or 4G LTE cellular connectivity! Or view your sleep statistics privately with 3B Medical’s QR code technology, which sends your sleep health report straight to your own smartphone. Your usage and compliance data can also be recorded on the included SD card if you choose!

Luna II Auto CPAP Features

  • Auto-adjusting pressure settings
  • Real-time air leak alerts and automatic leak/altitude compensation
  • The integrated heated humidifier comes standard!
  •  Auto start and stop begins airflow when you put your CPAP mask on
  • RESlex Exhalation Relief reduces pressure when you exhale to make breathing more comfortable
  • Large 3.5” color LCD screen
  • Optional therapy data access with Wi-Fi, cellular, QR code, iCode, or SD card options
  • 28 dBa sound level is whisper quiet!


  • Luna II Auto CPAP machine
  • Water chamber
  • AC Power cord
  • SD card
  • Carrying case
  • User manual
More Information
Brand 3B Medical
Model LG2A00
Insurance Product Type Not Insurance
Prescription Required Yes
Dimensions 10.7in x 7.2in x 4.5in
Replacement Frequency 1 per 5 years