Ascend Full Face Mask Replaceable Cushion

This is a replacement cushion for The Ascend® full face mask system




Maximum comfort, minimum weight. Our patented AIR°gel® minimizes pressure points and skin irritation.

Advanced Cushion Technology™ (A.C.T.)

Our ergonomic cushion technology delivers an effective seal for the most comfortable fit.

Active Headgear Connector™

Moves as you move for a reliable seal.

Flexible Spacebar™

Unique bendable design provides superior stability, holding a seal without contacting the skin.

Replaceable Cushion

Detachable cushion allows you to replace your cushion without replacing your entire mask.

Quick Release Headgear

Lightweight, breathable headgear slides off easily with one hand.

360° Rotating Swivel

For optimal tube positioning and easier mobility

Size Indicator

Available in three sizes. S/M/L