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Mask Liners

CPAP mask liners help prevent skin irritation, reduce mask leaks, and prolong the life of your CPAP supplies! Our selection of reusable and disposable mask liners fit a wide variety of masks and brands– including ResMed, Philips Respironics, Fisher & Paykel and more!

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  1. Silent Night Mask Liners - Amara View
    CPAP Mask Liners for Minimal-Contact Full Face CPAP Masks by Silent Night
  2. Silent Night™ Liners for Full Face CPAP Masks
    Liners for Full Face CPAP Masks By Silent Night
  3. Silent Night Liners for Nasal CPAP Mask
    Silent Night Liners for Nasal CPAP Masks

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Mask liners sit comfortably between your face and your CPAP mask cushion, improving the seal and protecting your face and mask from sweat and skin oils. They’re designed to wick away moisture, making your CPAP therapy cleaner and more comfortable.

There are two main types of liners you’re likely to see:

  • Disposable CPAP Mask Liners - Usually made of a padded paper or thin, cushioned fabric, these liners are designed to be used anywhere from a single night to a week. They are usually sold in a 30-day supply.
  • Reusable CPAP mask Liners - These fabric liners are often made of a breathable elastic material that fits snugly over your mask cushion. They’re usually machine washable and can be used for up to 6 months!

How CPAP Mask Liners Protect Your Skin

Your CPAP mask rests against your skin for hours at a time, naturally leading to a buildup of sweat and body oils. This can become a breeding ground for germs and bacteria which can cause acne, red marks, and skin irritation. CPAP mask liners prevent this by absorbing moisture, keeping you cool and clean.

Mask liners also help prevent pressure marks caused by the over-tightening of headgear. When CPAP users experience air leakage their first instinct is often to tighten their mask, which can lead to a poor fit and an improper seal. CPAP mask liners improve your mask seal and prevent air leaks without having to adjust your fit.

How CPAP Mask Liners Protect Your CPAP Mask

Over time, the same sweat and oil that causes skin irritation can also break down the silicone, gel, or memory foam in your mask cushion. This leads to micro-tears which can allow air leaks and the buildup of germs and bacteria.

CPAP mask liners prolong the life of your cushions and nasal pillows by acting as a barrier between the mask and your body oils.

Do CPAP Mask Liners Work?

Yes! Mask liners may not be necessary for everyone, but CPAP users who try them tend to love them! The proof is in the overwhelmingly positive customer reviews for all different brands and types of liner.

Keep in mind that CPAP mask liners aren’t universal. While liners are available for nearly every type of CPAP and BiPAP mask, they’re not interchangeable between full face masks, nasal masks, or nasal pillow CPAP masks. And what works for the ResMed AirFit F10 may not be right for the Dreamwear full face. Be sure to choose a mask liner that’s specific to your brand and model of CPAP mask.

Do CPAP Mask Liners Stop Leaks?

A firm but comfortable mask seal is crucial to your sleep apnea treatment, because air leaks can mean you’re not getting enough air pressure.

CPAP mask liners help ensure a good seal by filling any gaps between your cushion and your skin, and also wicking away sweat and body oil, which can prevent a proper seal. Moisture under your mask cushion can cause it to slide around while you sleep, breaking that seal. By absorbing moisture, mask liners help to keep your CPAP mask firmly in place all night long.